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AgID makes EDICOM ITALIA a PEPPOL Network Access Point


EDICOM headquarters in Italy

Italy's digitization agency(AgIDhas certified EDICOM ITALIA as an Access Point for the PEPPOL network. The accreditation enables private businesses and public organizations to access the PEPPOL network via the EDICOM platform for public procurement, complying with the communications standards required by the European Union.

The EDICOM multinational now has 2 Access Points for the PEPPOL network, enabling better, more personalized service for its customers in Italy by speeding up their e-procurement processes

Italy is one of the countries furthest ahead in e-procurement in Europe. E-invoicing has been mandatory in the B2G sector since 2015 and as of 1 October it will also be necessary to use electronic orders in the health sector. The Emilia-Romagna region has further implemented the use of PEPPOL standards in the utilization of orders and dispatch advice messages.

Additionally, AgID is working on the development of other European standardization processes such as the European Single Procurement Document (eESPD).


 PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On Line) is a European project whose core mission is to create a standardized system that facilitates electronic public procurement between EU member states by enacting common standards, formats, and rules.  Through a PEPPOL Access Point like EDICOM users can exchange documents electronically following PEPPOL specifications.

 PEPPOL Objectives

  • End interoperability problems in e-public procurement and promote transparency.
  • Automate trading processes across public and private sectors.
  • Deliver a single digital market.
  • Help businesses, especially SMEs, be more globally competitive.

The EDICOM e-Procurement Platform

The EDICOM platform ensures interconnection and interoperability between members of the EU and outside of it. It provides a scalable solution for customers with a service adapted to their growth and needs, whatever country they operate in.

 Learn more about PEPPOL by downloading our PEPPOL White Paper for free here.

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