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DENMARK to Accept B2G e-Invoices Via PEPPOL

e-Invoicing in Denmark

Starting 18 April 2020 all public entities in Denmark must accept e-invoices over the PEPPOL European network and the PEPPOL BIS 3 format.

These measures will enable Denmark to make headway in adapting its e-invoicing system to European regulations aimed at encouraging cross-border procurement among EU member states.

Denmark is one of the European countries furthest ahead in e-invoicing matters. It has been compulsory for public institutions and their suppliers to use e-invoices over the NemHandel platform since 2005. Commercial transactions have to date been undertaken in OIOUBL format, an adaptation of UBL.

To meet Directive 2014/55/EU requirements, Denmark will now hook NemHandel up to the PEPPOL network, where it will act as a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) starting next April.

Public institutions must compulsorily sign up to the NemHandel SMP to be identified within the PEPPOL network in order to exchange commercial transactions via the network’s different Access Points.

Danish public services must also be capable of receiving invoices in the PEPPOL BIS 3 format which will coexist alongside the current OIOUBL one.

Denmark will leverage these measures to, in the long term: facilitate public- and private-sector international trade; boost the use of e-invoicing and e-procurement via open standards, and facilitate the future rollout of other message types in the PEPPOL format such as electronic orders and catalogs in public management.

These changes will all provide a great opportunity for foreign suppliers keen to operate in the country and Denmark, in turn, will be able to contract any European operator in the network regardless of location.

Suppliers seeking contracting by Danish public institutions must have a Peppol Access Point provider accredited by OpenPEPPOL, the authority tasked with implementing the PEPPOL standards.

About the PEPPOL network

PEPPOL is a secure, interoperable e-delivery network connecting the different e-procurement systems of the various EU countries through accredited Access Points. Access Points are responsible for sending and receiving files in line with PEPPOL-established standards.

EDICOM was one of the first Access Points accredited by the OpenPEPPOL association. EDICOM has a comprehensive solution that permits the exchange of commercial transactions between private businesses and public entities both within the European Union and around the world, not only at invoicing level but for VAT COMPLIANCE too, adapting to the legal requirements in force in each country. EXCERPT: Public institutions to accept e-invoices over European PEPPOL network and in PEPPOL BIS 3 format as of April 2020.

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