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EDICOM Engaging in e-Invoicing Summit 2019 to Present its Global e-Invoicing Compliance Platform

e-Invoicing Summit 2019

You will be able to find us at the e-Invoicing Summit 2019

  • 7 November 2019
  • 10:00 - 19:30
  • FPS Policy and Support | Brussels

The first edition of this continent-wide event kicks off with a full schedule of renowned sector professionals reviewing the state of play and progress made in the rollout of e-invoicing across Europe.

EDICOM will harness this approach to present an international case study on the implementation of a centralized e-invoicing system for the public health sector in Europe. The B2G project was developed by Terumo, a global leader in health that makes medical devices. The case study showcases the tech solutions EDICOM can offer large international firms.

Terumo Case Study: Global Compliance e-Invoicing in the health sector

E-invoicing has increased its reach across Europe in recent years, driven by the 2014/55/EU directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement (link to the Europe file on the global eInvoicing website). The directive makes it mandatory for all public authorities to develop e-invoicing systems for receiving and processing invoices from their suppliers. In this framework, which became mandatory on 18 April, the health sector is one of the areas most heavily impacted due to the large number of public organizations and suppliers operating in a supply chain where the electronic optimization of business relations is indispensable given the critical nature of any system breakdown.

The challenge for Terumo

Terumo is a Europe-wide supplier to many hospitals in B2G and B2B mode. With the implementation of directive 2014/55/EU, the health services of the different EU countries rolled out electronic systems that suppliers like Terumo must necessarily join in order to transfer invoices electronically.

Although the goal of procurement harmonization is achieved with the definition of a single standard to generate e-invoices, this uniformity is not repeated in the directive with regards means of connectivity. One upshot of this is the large enterprises like Terumo, with business relationships all around Europe, find themselves working in a fully decentralized B2G communications environment with different systems to connect with the health services of each country and occasionally even various methods within the same one (web services, AS2, Peppol network, web portals, etc.).

To help Terumo overcome the technology barrier it was up against, EDICOM proposed a global e-invoicing solution that generates and issues invoices in line with all e-invoicing schemas and systems across all members states and which is scalable to other countries outside Europe.

The EDICOM global compliance solution 

We provided Terumo with a centralized solution for its B2B and B2G projects in Europe. The EDICOM global e-invoicing platform makes it simple to send and receive e-invoices in multinational environments and solves connectivity problems through a public administration hub that lets you connect to any public authority in the world and guarantees compliance with the requirements specified by each law on document deliveries.

Our structured data translation model and EDI VAN also have the power to provide a valid e-invoicing technology solution to concentrate all electronic data interchange needs with public and private partners.

Our platform further covers other documents that health services can include in the exchange flow, such as orders and delivery notes.

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