EDICOM becomes authorized provider of G-CLOUD 11 framework

g-cloud 11 framework

EDICOM’s cloud software services can now be procured through the Digital Marketplace for public administrations of the UK government. 
The Digital Marketplace is an electronic commerce platform run by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) that allows public institutions to procure digital services. 
The objective of the Digital Marketplace is to streamline public procurement processes for digital services. It allows government institutions such as hospitals and airports to directly procure the services of participating providers without the need to hold a public tender procedure every time, thereby significantly reducing management times and costs. 
EDICOM’s services can be found on G-CLOUD 11, the latest version of the G-CLOUD framework, which was published in July. 
The G-CLOUD framework includes providers that, following approval by the Crown Commercial Service, offer cloud-based and Internet-based resources on the Digital Marketplace. EDICOM’s solutions, specifically, can be found in the cloud software section. 
This allows any public institution in the UK to directly procure EDICOM’s e-procurement, e-invoicing and EDI products directly from the Digital Marketplace. 
This tool is especially useful for the public healthcare sector, since it is required to carry out its management processes electronically, as established by the NHS e-Procurement Strategy (NHS: National Health Service).

EDICOM’s services that can be procured through the Marketplace include: 

  • EDICOMData: this allows pharmaceutical product data to be exchanged in accordance with the standards demanded by the NHS, based on GS1 GTIN and GLN. Thus, through EDICOMData, any hospital can access the pharmaceutical product catalog, which contains information updated by laboratories and healthcare providers directly through their own ERP.  This helps streamline order query and management processes by hospitals and other public healthcare services. 
  • NHS e-procurement software: given that EDICOM is accredited as an NHS PEPPOL Access Point, this software enables comprehensive interoperability between public healthcare providers and services, thereby allowing public health authorities to receive electronic invoices and issue electronic orders in accordance with NHS requirements. 

At EDICOM, we are delighted to be a G-CLOUD provider. Through our solutions, we hope to provide public entities with a more effective approach to complying with the e-procurement obligations stipulated by the government. 

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