Four Ways to Eliminate Paper at Your Business

Four Ways to Eliminate Paper at Your Business

Today more than ever, enterprises must digitize to ensure their survival in the global marketplace. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has also revealed some shortcomings in companies’ management systems.

Paperless technologies are not only the most environmentally sustainable choice, they are also the most competitively advantageous. They’re very effective for streamlining management processes and significantly reducing costs.

To help you with your company’s digital transformation, we would like to present four ways to eliminate paper from commercial operations once and for all.

1. Automate delivery and reception of all invoices.

The use of e-invoicing is increasing worldwide. However, many companies still need to send and receive paper e-invoices. This includes all types of businesses, from retailers with many small suppliers lacking the infrastructure for EDI, to companies required to send paper invoices to end clients.

Given the current situation, sending and receiving invoices by traditional means, i.e. by post, is often not practical or feasible. This has made the automation of those processes all the more necessary. How can they be automated?  With EDI WEB solutions. You’ll be able to send and receive e-documents to and from all trading partners paperlessly, securely, and in accordance with legal requirements. And it’s all integrated with your ERP.

Automate the delivery of invoices in PDF format.

The EDICOM Client Portal automates delivery of e-invoices to all your clients.

Every time an invoice is issued it is automatically published in the portal. Users are notified by email and a link is provided to view, print and download the document. The portal provides traceability, meaning users are constantly aware of the actions taken on documents.

Automate the reception of invoices in PDF format.

EDICOM’s Supplier Portal automates the reception of invoices from suppliers without EDI solutions, directly through your ERP.

Your suppliers will be able to receive purchase orders and generate e-invoices in the portal. Every time a purchase order is issued, the supplier receives an email with a link to the order. Using the app, users create the e-invoice from the order itself. Invoices are made in accordance with the technical and legal requirements of each country. An e-signature can also be added if needed.

After the invoices are validated by the system, they are integrated into your company's ERP with the data needed for accounting purposes and reconciliation.

2. Store key documents with accredited long-term storage services.

Documents that contain sensitive information require special treatment to ensure they are preserved in optimal conditions and with maximum integrity. This is true regardless of whether they were generated electronically or in paper, being stored in digital format.

Long-term storage solutions that align with various international regulatory systems reverse the burden of proof to third parties and ensure the integrity and authenticity of documents from the moment they are stored.

EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving) is a service created for the long-term storage of digital documents. It is accredited by eIDAS (EU) and ONAC (Colombia). EDICOMLTA also handles preservation processes in accordance with the ISO14641, Conservazione Sostitutiva (Italy), and the NOM-151 preservation system (Mexico).

The platform offers three different ways to store documents:

  • Drag & Drop: Users drag the document from their desktop and drop it into the app.
  • Transfer: Semi-automated process for loading a large number of files from the service's web application.
  • Integration: Documents are automatically sent to the platform through integration with your ERP, CRM or document management system.

After they’re transferred to the platform, e-signatures and time stamps are added to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity.

Stored documents can be viewed, categorized and downloaded during the legally established period (in the case of e-invoices) or the period established by the user.

The platform offers the option of customizing access to documents according to user type. This allows user permissions to be adapted to your company's needs.

Using accredited long-term archiving services streamlines the process of storing company documents in a secure way, so you can forget about paper for good.

3. Centralize document approval and e-signature processes

Traditional handwritten signatures are still quite common in approval processes for internal and external operations. The current situation has forced companies to seek ways to approve documents electronically and guarantee the security of the information they contain.

The best solution to this issue is to use a digital platform like EDICOMSignADoc that allows users to approve documents by applying e-signatures.

EDICOMSignADoc centralizes approval and e-signature processes for all document types. It allows users to configure workflows to their needs, from simple processes for approval by a single recipient (users in your own organization, or external users, like clients), to complex workflows with multiple steps, conditions and rules.

EDICOMSignADoc uses advanced two-step verification and multiple e-signature systems that can be adapted to  document type and sensitivity.

By integrating EDICOMSignADoc with your management system, you can eliminate paper and email, applying electronic processes to sign invoices, contracts or any other document.

4. Automate the delivery of payroll documents to your employees.

Another way to eliminate paper from your company is to automate the delivery of payroll documents. Most countries require that companies provide payroll documentation to their employees. Many employers still print these documents and have both parties sign them to create a record. At best, they send the documents by e-mail with systems that are not automated and that do not keep a record of delivery and reception.

EDICOM’s solution, B@M Payrolls, integrates with your payroll generation system to automate delivery of payslips and manage acknowledgments of receipt by employees with e-signatures.

How does it work?

  • Business@Mail Payrolls integrates with your payroll management system so that every time a new payroll document is generated, it is published in a portal.
  • Employees receive a notification by email with a link to the payroll document.
  • Employees can view, download and even sign if necessary.

This is all done in a secure environment that guarantees confidentiality by means of encryption and e-signature systems.

The platform also meets the legal requirements of all the different countries, such as Mexico, where businesses have been required since 2014 to send payroll documentation in electronic format (CFDI payroll) for signature by employees.

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