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Guatemala introduces changes to its electronic invoicing system

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The Guatemalan Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT) published changes to its e-invoicing system (Facturación Electrónica en Línea, or FEL) that affect the regulations as well as the certifications for electronic tax documents (Documentos Tributarios Electrónicos, or DTE) and to its main electronic tax document system.

New changes to rules and certifications for the Guatemalan e-invoicing system (Factura Electrónica en Línea, or FEL)

Version 1.5 of the Guatemalan e-invoicing system’s regulations and certifications goes into effect on 1st March 2020. Most of the new features are related to new documents. You can view version 1.5 of the Guatemalan e-invoicing system regulations and certifications here.

What's new in the main electronic tax documents system

Changes to the structure of electronic tax documents (items, types of data, attributes, order, etc.) in XML files used to make e-invoices will also go into effect 1st March.

From the FACE model to the FEL model

The FEL e-invoicing model will definitively replace the FACE model, which was implemented at the launch of the e-invoicing system in Guatemala in 2011. As of 1st July 2021, the new e-invoicing system will be the only system authorized to issue tax documents for all new registrants who wish to conduct business activities.

However, agreement No. 222-2019 also establishes important deadlines to take note of in 2020.  As of 1st July 2020, all documents without a period of validity authorized under the FACE system will no longer be valid. Taxpayers will have to apply for a new authorization or join the new e-invoicing system.

EDICOM's international e-invoicing platform has been helping Guatemalan taxpayers to navigate the process of implementing e-invoicing since the launch of the electronic system.

EDICOM stays up do date and adopts all requirements stipulated by the SAT in the change from the FACE system to the new e-invoicing system. This means that EDICOM can offer a solution that is fully adapted to the new scenarios companies operating in Guatemala must face. It is a solution that includes  the introduction of new electronic tax documents and new certifications as well as changes to the XML file schema. EDICOM also offers complete support for companies in the process of migrating from the FACE system to the new FEL e-invoicing system.

Is your company ready to adopt the new changes to Guatemala's new e-invoicing system? Do you need to migrate from the FACE system to the FEL system? For further details on EDICOM’s International eInvoicing platform, click here.

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