How to Automate Reception of Invoices in PDF Format

Reception of Invoices in PDF Format

Some suppliers still use traditional methods to send invoices like regular mail service, especially suppliers that don’t have a large invoice volume or an integrated electronic data interchange system.

Processing all these invoices creates a great deal of work that has to be done manually, which can lead to errors and increase handling times and cost.

The health crisis also means sending and receiving paper invoices often isn’t a viable option right now.  In addition to the difficulties of sending and receiving physical invoices, processing the documents remotely, i.e. from home, presents additional barriers.

The best way to solve this problem is to automate the sending of purchase orders and the receipt of invoices to and from suppliers and creditors.

Supplier portal: Automates exchange of commercial documents with all suppliers

The platform automatically publishes purchase orders generated by your ERP. Suppliers are notified by email that they have documents pending review. After they've logged into the platform, they can view, print and download purchase orders and generate and send invoices using the same channel, which are then integrated with their ERP.

How does it work?

Sending purchase orders automatically

  • EDICOM's EDI software imports purchase order data from the client management system to the supplier portal.
  • EDICOM identifies the recipient of the purchase order. If the supplier is not an EDI partner, the purchase order is sent to the portal and the supplier is notified by email that a purchase order is available.
  • The supplier enters the portal, where purchase orders can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

Receiving pdf invoices automatically

  • From the portal, suppliers can generate invoices from the purchase orders received. Using very simple and user-friendly online forms, suppliers can enter the invoice information needed to process accounts payable (invoice number, invoice date, etc.).
  • Suppliers can also attach a viewable PDF version of the invoice and sign the invoices digitally using EDICOM's delegated signature service.
  • After the invoices are validated, they are integrated into the accounts payable management system, which automates the processes of matching entries and bookkeeping.

Advantages of automating invoice reception

  • Automating sending purchase orders: Sending purchase orders by email or fax no longer requires generating a viewable version of the purchase order. Just enter it in the ERP and it’s published instantly on the website, which also notifies suppliers.
  • Automating receiving invoices: Invoices no longer need to be received by mail or email. No need to download invoices, just open and record invoices in your management system. Suppliers indicate the purchase order to invoice and enter key data not in the order, and the invoice is automatically integrated with your management system.
  • Traceability of the entire process – sales: The process of matching entries is much easier since invoices are generated from the purchase orders published in the portal.
  • Cost savings: Response times are reduced and errors eliminated, as well as the need for paper, which makes your operations more efficient, increasing productivity and reducing invoice processing costs.
  • Generating documents in accordance with each country’s legal and technical requirements: The platform provides e-signature services, as well as legal documents custody for period established by law.

The supplier portal streamlines communication with business partners that have no electronic data interchange system and can now be integrated with your management system just as with EDI transactions, meaning you can safely say goodbye to paper as well as countless emails with invoice attachments forever.

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