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How to send legally valid PDF invoices

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Many companies are not sending paper invoices to their clients due to the health crisis. Most businesses that still use paper invoices do so because part of their client base lacks the technical capacity to receive business documents automatically via electronic data interchange (EDI).

These companies face the challenge of getting invoices to all their clients digitally, securely, and legally. This can be especially complicated with recipients whose only means of communication is email. Business@Mail was created to solve this problem. It is a communication platform that publishes and sends e-invoices in PDF format automatically, securely, and legally.

Business@Mail integrates with your company’s EDI and ERP systems, fully automating delivery of invoices to your clients.

Business@Mail offers several features to meet the specific needs of your company and clients so that 100% of  commercial transactions are conducted via EDI.

The EDICOM EDI system integrates invoices with your company's ERP and translates them into structured formats. A PDF view is published on Business@Mail for consultation by clients who do not have a data integration solution.

Whenever a new invoice is made available on the Business@Mail platform, the client is notified by email and can access it directly to view, download and print the document.

Business@Mail manages publication and storage of invoices with electronic signatures. The service is kept up to date and in compliance with the most recent applicable regulations at all times.

EDICOM's Delegated Signature service also simplifies the process of signing invoices electronically. Clients authorize EDICOM to sign documents on their behalf, reducing time spent managing electronic certificates and electronic signature tools.

How are invoices sent automatically in PDF format?

  • The issuer generates all invoices using its standard processes and the data is transferred to EDICOM.
  • EDICOM’s software transforms the data and identifies the recipient of each invoice.
  • Invoices addressed to clients without an EDI solution are published onto the Business@Mail portal.
  • Clients are notified by email and given a link to the published invoice so they can view, download and print it.

Complete traceability of invoice status

Issuers know the status of their e-invoices at all times. The entire process is traceable thanks to a sophisticated confirmation system including:

  • Confirmation when invoices have been published on the platform
  • Confirmation when documents are viewed, downloaded or printed
  • Confirmation of documents that have been published but not yet viewed
  • Number of unanswered notifications sent

The different types of confirmations can also be integrated into your company’s invoicing system, centralizing invoice monitoring in the ERP.

A win-win solution for businesses and clients

Business@Mail is a win-win solution that offers multiple advantages to both businesses needing to pivot away from paper invoicing, as well as their clients who don’t have an EDI system to receive commercial documents.

Business@Mail benefits both parties by streamlining the process of sending and receiving invoices.

Benefits for issuers

  • EDI documents sent to 100% of recipients
  • Reduces costs related to managing and sending paper invoices
  • Automates the entire invoicing process
  • Reduces issuing, transmitting and payment times
  • Fully traceable message statuses

 Benefits for recipients

  • Email notification of invoice publication
  • Commercial documents in PDF can be viewed, downloaded and printed
  • Storage of e-documents for the period stipulated by law
  • Access is free for recipients
  • Simple, user-friendly platform
  • Interoperability –Business@Mail can receive documents from multiple publishers

PDF invoices sent automatically to your clients via email

The tool also sends invoices in PDF format directly to your clients.

Invoice status from the time an invoice is sent until the time it is viewed by the client is not traceable with this option.

Get your company started using Business@Mail today

Due to the urgency of the health crisis, we’re reducing the set-up times for Business@Mail so that you can start sending e-invoices to 100% of your clients today, with a guarantee of their security, privacy and confidentiality.

With Business@Mail you’ll be able to send invoices, as well as any other commercial document you may require, in PDF format.

Join the thousands of clients who already use Business@Mail, the paperless system that simplifies digitizing your company’s invoicing and makes the most of your resources while improving communication with your clients.

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