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New Regulations for Italy’s Order Sorting Node

nso edi italy

The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has published version 4.5 of the regulations for its Order Sorting Node (Nodo Smistamento Ordini, or NSO).

Since February of this year, all National Health Service providers are required to handle orders electronically on the NSO platform. The new version of the regulation introduces changes and requirements for providers. Some of the key developments:

  • Introduces a new order subtype (rental order). This applies to government health administration rental contracts.
  • Changes messages to Order and Order confirmation; Arranged Order messages were introduced, including new fields and indications.
  • Adapts NSO format to the new PEPPOL 3.0.4 version published 5th May 2020.

Suppliers and health administrations are required to implement all of these of changes immediately.

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