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Portugal Defines Mandatory B2G e-Invoicing Model


The requirements and features of the e-invoicing model Portugal is set to establish for the public sector as of 18 April 2020 have now been made public. The announcement came from the public administration shared services entity eSPap, the organization awarded responsibility for implementing the e-invoicing process on 5 September via Decree no. 289/2019 published by the Ministry of Finance, Infrastructures, and Housing. Following the guidelines of EU Directive2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement, eSPap has focused on defining the following requirements:

• Format

  • UBL 2.1 “CIUS-PT”
  • CEFACT “CIUS-PT” (in process)

• Connection

  • AS2
  • Web Services

Public organizations are free to choose the e-invoicing platform that best meets their needs, with the exception of direct government administrations and public institutions which must use the platform enabled by eSPap. The duty to invoice electronically in Portugal is determined by Decree Law 111-B/2017, a transposition of Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement mandatory for all Member States. The Decree Law was subsequently amended by Decree 123/2018 published on 28 December 2018 to define new dates and features for the model. EDICOM Platform for Electronic Invoicing in Portugal. (link to web solution) The EDICOM e-invoicing platform is ready to make it easier for public organizations and their suppliers to send and receive e-invoices in line with eSPap standards. The EDICOM solution is certified as invoicing software by the Portuguese tax authority, in line with point 1, article 5, Decree 363/2010 of 23 June. For more information on our e-invoicing solution for Portugal please contact our consultants.

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