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Spanish Tax Agency announces modifications to the online VAT declaration system (SII - Immediate Supply of Information)


The Spanish tax authority will implement modifications to the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) system in January 2021. The changes affect the declaration of received invoices and introduce a new report for the declaration of consignment sales.

The updates include reporting more detailed information taken from the invoices of suppliers and creditors using the "Received Invoice Report".

Also being incorporated is a new procedure for declaring VAT when taxpayers make sales on consignment. This will be done using the "Declaration of Sales on Consignment Report".

Received Invoice Report

This report will include 4 new fields:

  • Capital Goods: Identifies movements related to the acquisition of capital goods.
  • Deduction: Identifies invoices to be deducted in subsequent periods.

If the "Deduction" field is marked, the following fields must be reported:

  • Application of the deduction.
  • Period of the deduction.


Declaration of Sales on Consignment Report

This is a new report for the declaration of cross-border sales within the European Union, between entrepreneurs or professionals using the consignment model.

In this model the supplier sends goods to be stored in another country, making them available to the customer who can confirm their acquisition at a later time.


Adaptation of your EDICOMSii Solution

If your organization is impacted by any of these changes, your solution must be adapted before they come into effect.

Contact us and we will guide you on how to proceed:

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* The update to the Received Invoice Report is included in the Maps Maintenance service. If you have contracted Maps Maintenance, we will contact you shortly to coordinate the implementation of these changes.

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