e-Tax Compliance

The Spanish Tax agency extends the validations performed on the VAT books declared via SII


October 1, 2019 is the date set on the AEAT website for the implementation of a new procedure for validating data in VAT books declared by companies through SII.

At EDICOM we have analysed these new requirements, which we have already applied to our validators to ensure compliance.

The additional validations to be performed in the SII framework will be:

Invoices Issued book

  • Validation of liable/non-exempt block
  • Validation of liable/exempt block
  • Validation of communication type A5 and A6
  • Validation of <ImporteCompensacionREAGYP > field in the <DesgloseIVA> block


Invoices Received book

  • Validation of <ImporteCompensacionREAGYP > field in the <DesgloseIVA> block
  • Validation of <CuotaSoportada > field in the < DesgloseIVA > block
  • Validation of <CuotaSoportada> field in the <InversionSujetoPasivo> block
  • Validation of <TipoImpositivo> field in the Received book
  • Validation of <NumSerieFacturaEmisor> field in TipoFactura ="F5" and "LC"
  • Validation of <CuotaDeducible> field

As of July 1, the AEAT will allow testing of these new validations with its platform. To do so, it is necessary to have an active test environment that allows the necessary checks with the platform provided by the AEAT, in order to guarantee compliance with these new requirements demanded by the SII service as of October 1, at which time the changes will take effect.  

We advise you to get in touch with your sales representative if you do not have a test environment or if you do not know whether it is active or not.

Immediate Information Sharing (SII) is the new bookkeeping system for registering Value Added Tax through the AEAT Electronic Office, mandatory from 2017 for taxpayers who have the obligation to self-assess VAT every month (registered in the REDEME monthly VAT refund register), large companies (turnover above € 6 million) and VAT groups.

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