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All Portuguese Invoices Must Include a QR Code and ATCUD Code

17.09.2020 (Updated)
Portugal e-invoicing

The Portuguese tax authority (Autoridade Tributaria e Adueneira - AT) announces a new requirement to include a unique document code ATCUD (Sequential Number Validation Code) and a two-dimensional bar code (QR code) in invoices and relevant tax documents.

This measure aims to simplify the communication of invoices and better monitor taxpayer transactions, thus combatting the informal economy, fraud, and tax evasion.

The change affects all electronic invoice issuers in Portugal, who will have to adapt their invoicing systems to the new government requirements.

The implementation deadlines are:

  • QR code: January 2021.
  • ATCUD code: January 2022.

Unique Document Code (ATCUD) and Two-Dimensional QR Code

Issuers must include the ATCUD and QR codes in all invoices and guarantee their legibility. These requirements apply regardless of the format in which they are presented to the customer, electronic or print.

In documents with multiple pages, the ATCUD code must appear on each. The QR code can be placed either on the first or last page.


Requirements for Including ATCUD and QR Codes on Invoices

  • Have a software solution certified by the AT
  • Have the serial validation code assigned by the AT


EDICOM Solution

EDICOM's Global e-Invoicing Platform is certified by the AT and allows for the exchange of any tax document with Portuguese companies and public institutions. It is fully integrated with the issuer’s ERP. Users can send and receive both electronic invoices with ATCUD and QR codes, as well as fiscal documents in SAF-T format. All such operations are done automatically and securely, in line with the requirements established by the AT.


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