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EDI, a technology with great benefits for logistics

EDI benefits logistics

EDI is an electronic data interchange system increasingly widespread in the logistics sector, due to its ability to perform transactions easily, quickly and efficiently. This technology allows communication between the different supply chain stakeholders thanks to use of a common language based on a set of global standards. The standardization of processes and control measures offered by EDI ensure secure communication flow between private businesses as well as public and private entities.

However, implantation of EDI in logistics operators means an additional effort, as it calls for the integration of processes, not only with your own customers, but also with the end users of the goods, customs authorities, etc. This is why it is indispensable to have efficient systems to perform the communications and declarations of goods movements automatically.

Our global B2B EDI platform provides end-to-end transaction integration and 360° supply chain visibility for full alignment of partner communications and business performance improvement.

With the rollout of the right solutions, EDI offers lots of possibilities to facilitate transactions and improve productivity

  • The system enables you to integrate a permanent communication flow between supplier, logistic operator and customers. It also unifies all electronic communications in a single application and ensures the sending and receiving of any electronic message via a single connection point. Our platform also facilitates traceability for documents sent and received by the agents taking part in the movement of goods: Supplier, Customer and Logistic Operator.
  • Companies are able to work in a standardised format through B2B communications solutions enabling processing of multistandard structures to work with any message type (EDIFACT X12, VDA, UBL…).
  • A multiprotocol solution also guarantees sending and reception of any electronic messages. To that end, our infrastructure ensures communications with any partner regardless of the protocol used (Web Services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.). Our Value Added Network is directly linked to the main sector partners and manages interoperability agreements with the main VANs worldwide.
  • In addition to these benefits, EDI can mean considerable economic savings for logistics companies that outsource the maintenance of their communications platform and leave it in the hands of full-time experts, with permanent monitoring 24x7. This way, the expenditure involved in the necessary IT infrastructure, as well as the hardware and software technology required for B2B communications, is drastically curtailed.
At EDICOM we have different solutions designed to take advantage of all the benefits EDI can provide in the logistics sector. From our EDICOMNet value added network to the Global Outsourcing service, which runs 100% of the company's B2B communications platform, or our Integrated EDI solution.

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