Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Dematerialization through Web EDI solutions tailored to each company’s needs


The advantages of dematerialization are encouraging businesses to go ahead with full implementation of paperless invoicing and extend it to relations with other trading partners. Web EDI solutions such as Customer Web Portal or Business Mail from EDICOM make dematerialization feasible, adapting to the reality of each business and its environment, favouring relations based on the electronic exchange of data, even with customers and suppliers without this technology.

Digital transformation in companies has been boosted, especially in Europe, by the obligatory nature of e-invoicing and electronic tax compliance. France, Italy, Portugal or Spain are some of the countries which have already implemented solid electronic models with its public administrations and tax authorities.

Investing in solutions to dematerialize data exchange flows and documentation provides benefits from the outset of its implementation in a company’s workflow. But the key lies in scalable solutions that ease a gradual progress in digitization, favouring a phased disbursement and adjusting to the real needs of the organization. In addition, maximizing communications to reach the largest possible number of partners.

However, in day-to-day business relations, reality presents uneven technological scenarios. Not all businesses have the same capacity - or vision - to invest in EDI solutions. To this end, EDICOM has developed different solutions adapted to the needs of companies and productive sectors.

Dematerialization solutions

In the relationships between customers and suppliers EDICOM is a specialist in facilitating routine operations based on three fundamental principles: automation, immediacy and security.

Thanks to a robust infrastructure developed in-house and more than 20 years of experience in helping companies with their electronic communications, we can provide customized solutions tailored to any company’s needs. We create customized solutions for data integration between trading partners and B2B2C commercial transactions.

They are web solutions that a company can make available to partners who do not work with EDI technology. Our approach is to take a proactive role, providing easy access web solutions for customers or suppliers from which they can receive and generate transactions involving their business.

For example, data integration portals to automate and integrate multiple transactions, streamlining the process of generating and sending business documents.

  •     Customer Web portal

Web platform for the issuance of documents aimed at your community of trading partners, designed for companies that need to extend their B2B billing communications to 100% of their customers without technological capabilities.

The solution lets you implement transaction flows adapted to the business needs of the portal promoter with your customer network. For example, furnishing your customers with your price catalogues, account status, etc…

The supplier can consult and download the documentation and, in addition, send the documents in response or required by the client, such as orders, invoices, despatch advices, delivery notes, etc…

  •     Vendor portal

Web solution for receipt of e-invoices from clients without an EDI solution Using a previously designed form with the required fields, the supplier can create an invoice to be forwarded automatically to the customer and integrated into their ERP.

This vendor portal, integrated with the customer’s ERP, takes the information from the purchase orders needed to create the response document forms, ranging from despatch advices to invoices.

The supplier will issue the invoice from their environment based on the purchase order, which partially automates its generation. The solution deploys control mechanisms that check the structure and content of the invoice in accordance with the current legislation of the countries in which your company operates.

This solution is designed for businesses that need to automate the integration of all their billing issued by suppliers that do not have a technological solution, allowing them to also dematerialize the entire flow.

  •     Business@Mail

EDICOM has developed Business Mail, an e-document publication service for sending electronic messages to partners without EDI technology. The company’s management system processes all orders, invoices, etc., as EDI documents. When your EDI software detects that the message is addressed to a recipient without EDI, it publishes it on a web portal.

The message recipient is notified by e-mail of the availability of this document, and simply accesses it through the link included in the mail.

The sender receives confirmation that their messages have been read, downloaded or pending consultation. The receiver is informed via e-mail that they have a new document, which they can access through a link in the same e-mail.

Larger businesses are including digitization in their strategic plans. Dematerialization in communications involves a change in the management processes and means modifying the routines in the departments of the organization. But once the new digitization-based working mechanism has been taken on board, companies look for solutions that allow them to extend these communications to as many partners as possible to increase profits.

Optimization of processes, cost savings, competitive advantages, internationalization … There are many reasons that lead them to make the leap, beyond the requirements of Public Administrations to initiate electronic procedures.

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