Document approval workflows with EDICOMSignADoc


EDICOMSignADoc allows you to configure approval workflows for different types of e-documents according to your company's needs.

EDICOMSignADoc is a versatile system that allows you to create as many processes as your organization might need, combining different approval methods with rules adapted to each type of workflow.

Based on document characteristics and criticality, you can decide what steps are required for each document’s approval. You can track the status of documents at all times and the system keeps a permanent record of evidence throughout the life cycle until final approval.

Manage everything from simple one-step workflows to complex workflows with several approval levels. These flows can involve multiple users with robust authentication systems, advanced evidence management, and e-signature based on qualified certificates and secure signature creation devices.

Customizing EDICOMSignADoc approval workflows

Configuring workflows by document type

Default settings can be defined for each document type. When a new document is published on EDICOMSignADoc, the system identifies the file type and applies the established approval flow.


Number of approvals required

This establishes the number of approvals a document needs to be valid. The approval workflow editing system allows you to design both single-approval, single-user workflows, as well as workflows with multiple phases and different intermediate approvers. These more complex flows can include simple single-user signatures in each step or joint signatures involving multiple approvers in a single step.


Approval of documents with user signature

EDICOMSignADoc’s evidence generation model includes user signature with certificates issued in the user’s name.

  • Platform signature: As a Trust Service Provider, EDICOM records all actions taken on documents on the platform. This evidence can be downloaded as a report signed by EDICOM, your third-party trust provider.
  • User signature with unrecognized certificate: The signature is based on a certificate issued in the name of the approver.
  • Signature/seal with qualified certificate: The signature is based on a qualified certificate, requiring procurement of the qualified certificate.
  • Signature/seal with secure device: In addition to the qualified certificate, this involves using a secure signature creation device like EDICOM HSM or a cryptographic card reading system.

As a Trust Service Provider, EDICOM ensures platform security with the highest security certifications, such as Europe’s eIDAS and ISO 27001. EDICOM is also certified as a Trust Service Provider by the Mexican Ministry of Economy and as a Certification Body by the Colombian National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC).


External and internal user authentication

This module defines which users must validate documents. Different approvers from inside or outside your organization can be assigned to each step in the approval workflow. You will also determine how they are to access the platform .

Different levels of user authentication are available, including two-factor authentication with mobile OTP/SMS devices.


Configuring conditions and rules from the metadata registry

Here, rules are established for the completion of each step when certain conditions are met in the metadata. For example, documents over a certain amount are signed by an internal approver before they are sent to the client, while documents for lower amounts do not go through this step and are sent directly to the final approver.



Approval deadlines - workflow expiration

The platform allows you to establish deadlines for document approval and to send reminders to users before the deadline.


All of these customizable options can be configured directly in EDICOMSignADoc, simply and intuitively. The platform can also integrate the approval workflows with your company's management system to automate document approval processes. Documents are sent directly via EDICOMSignADoc, which triggers the approval steps defined for each document type.

Our consulting and support department will guide you through the configuration of the platform, helping you to streamline your approval processes.


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