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EDICOM certified as Access Point for PEPPOL platform

EDICOM certified PEPPOL Access Point

International Association OpenPEPPOL certified EDICOM as Access Point provider. This non-profit organization has been working since 2012 to ensure cross-Europe interoperability. The aim is to streamline communications and e-procurement processes for businesses and Public Administrations.

The accreditation as an Access Point allows EDICOM to link up with the PEPPOL e-procurement platform. Through it, private companies and governments in countries all over Europe can exchange all kinds of e-documents: invoices, purchase orders, orders, price catalogues, etc. These business processes are carried out in a standardized and interoperable manner.

EDICOM has also been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM3784 PEPPOL Access Point Framework Agreement. The aim of this Framework is to enable UK public sector bodies to efficiently manage the procurement of PEPPOL Access Point Services. These allow for electronic communication and document exchange between the government institutions and their suppliers .

Use of the PEPPOL platform favours implementation of e-procurement in the public sphere, improving competition, removing barriers and opening up the door to SMEs, micro businesses or cross-border companies.

PEPPOL implementation in the European Union continues to rise

The development and growth of PEPPOL is remarkable in many EU countries. PEPPOL is becoming increasingly consolidated as a network with infrastructure and standards recommended by public bodies of these countries and uptake is growing, thanks to its effectiveness and the harmonization of communications between countries.

For now, several countries have already implemented the PEPPOL standards in their e-administration projects. In Norway, for example, where e-invoicing has been compulsory since 2012, Public Administrations use PEPPOL network for inbound invoices. Both Public Administrations and providers can choose their own Access Point amongst certified service providers. The standards used are EHF (Elektronisk Handelsformat) and PEPPOL BIS, both UBL formats.

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority, ESV has mandated all central government agencies to be connected to PEPPOL by November 2018. Currently around 80% of Governmental agencies can receive PEPPOL invoices via PEPPOL.

More recently, the United Kingdom's National Health Service also included use of the PEPPOL platform in its overall procurement strategy. Technology partners must meet two requirements to implement NHS e-Procurement Strategy: being accredited by PEPPOL as an Access Point and holding GS1 certification as a Datapool authorized to operate in the GDSN network.
Commitment to interoperability

EDICOM’s accreditation as Access Point for the PEPPOL platform is yet another example of our commitment to worldwide interoperability. Certifications like this and the signing of interconnection agreements encourage us to expand the EDICOMNet communications network more and more. This way, users can link up easily with businesses and administrations from anywhere in the world.

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