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EDICOM's Certified Cross-Referencing Service Guarantees the Date -Fecha Cierta- of Documents Using Digital Certificates Complying with Mexican Legislation.

fecha cierta - méxico

The ‘fecha cierta’ has become an accredited requisite for private documents with fiscal implications in Mexico. the SAT now requires it according to a resolution by the Mexican supreme court. Thanks to EDICOM’s certified cross-referencing service a certificate of preservation guarantees the validity of documents before the fiscal authorities.

The ‘fecha cierta’ unifies the criteria that gives validity to documents. The use of the ‘fecha cierta’ has been decreed since December 2019 for documents like contracts, sales and purchases of goods and services and any other documents with fiscal implications.

The purpose of the ‘fecha cierta’ is to guarantee that the date of documents accrediting an action correspond with the date of the actions taken, therefore helping reduce fraud.

There are many ways for a document to receive the ‘fecha cierta’

  • upload to the public register of property
  • Through the death of one of the signees.
  • Through a notary public with an entry registry.

Another option exists through the NOM151, the Mexican norm that regulates the storage of data messages. It is possible to obtain a certificate of preservation that accredits that the digital document in question has not been altered. This certificate must be issued by a (PSC) Proveedor de Servicios de Certificacion.

Certified cross referencing consists of comparing digitalized documents with the physical originals. It is done through a legally authorized third party that cross references the newly created digital copies with the physical originals.

When this cross-referencing process is successful, an electronic signature and time stamp is issued, as well as cryptographic mechanisms that guarantee the authenticity and originality of the data message. This gives legal proof that the physical and digital document are completely analogous in their content.  EDICOM’s PSC issues a certificate for digital copies according to NOM 151 specifications. This certificate and the certificate of cross referencing will give full legal value to an electronic copy.

This service gives equivalency to digital copies and original physical documents and gives validity to digital documents before the tax authority.

This service also offers the long-term archiving of documents that guarantees their integrity for an extended period through the audit trails generated by the EDICOM PSC.


Proveedor de Servicios de Certificación (PSC)

EDICOM is a Proveedor de Servicios de Certificación (PSC), or a Certification Services Provider. A PSC is a certification authority in Mexico that has the responsibility to guarantee the authenticity of the data in a digital certificate.

The PSC must be authorized by the secretatiat of the economy which evaluates the fulfillment of the mandated requisites by the law.

An authorized PSC may offer the following services:

  • Digital Certificate issuing services
  • Digital time stamping services
  • Preservation of data messages
  • Digitalization of physical documents
  • Acting as a legally authorized third party.

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