EDICOMSignADoc: The Solution for Approving E-Documents With E-Signatures


EDICOM launched EDICOMSignADoc to help businesses with their digital transformation process. EDICOM’s solution was created to manage approval workflows for documents with e-signatures.

EDICOMSignADoc is a software as a service (SaaS) system that operates 24x7 with guaranteed 99.9% availability.

The platform allows you to create approval workflows that align with your company’s internal processes and can create workflows based on each document’s criticality. All internal and external users, suppliers and clients, can be integrated into your processes for approving documents and commercial proposals.

SignADoc benefits from EDICOM's extensive experience and employs its proprietary communications and data transformation technology to ensure integration with ERP, CRM, document management and any other proprietary systems. This allows you to implement all types of document approval workflows by using your current management systems.

How does it work?

EDICOMSignADoc provides an online environment where you can configure tailored workflows to each document approval process and monitor the status of the sent documents.

  • Documents are sent to the platform automatically from your company's ERP, or manually if the documents are not integrated. It is as simple as dragging the files from your desktop.

  • The platform identifies the document type and applies the previously established validation workflow.
  • The users who have to approve the document are notified by email. These can be people from your organization or external users, like customers and suppliers.
  • To approve a document, users just click on a link in the e-mail, which takes them directly to the online environment where they can review and approve the document intuitively and transparently.
  • The system generates evidence of all actions taken on the documents, recording the entire timeline, from the moment the document is sent to the moment it is approved.

Primary features of SignADoc

Customized configuration of approval workflowsDesign approval workflows tailored specifically to each of your different document types.  You can configure anything from simple single-approval workflows to complex multi-user processes, with rules and verifications, or with two-factor user authentication.

Set up individual signatures and joint signaturesWith EDICOMSignADoc, you can define steps that involve several approvers. You can apply joint signatures where approval is required from all identified users to advance through the workflow, as well as joint and several signatures that require the approval of a defined number of users of the total to advance through the workflow.

Total control of the status of operationsKnow the approval status of all your documents at all times: decide who can access them and set deadlines for completion. The Dashboard shows you at a glance which documents are pending, which have been approved, and which have reached their deadline.

Integration with all kinds of applicationsAutomate publication of your documents directly from your ERP, CRM or document manager. We develop and implement customized integration projects.

Maximum security guaranteedSignADoc is fully integrated with EDICOM's Trust Services, which means advanced approval mechanisms like e-signature and time stamps are applied to guarantee the integrity and security of your documents. The system is designed in accordance with the strictest international security standards, such as ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 and TIER II.

Evidence recordAs a Trust Service Provider, EDICOM acts as a guarantor of interactions done with EDICOMSignADoc by keeping electronically signed evidence reports that record all actions taken on documents in the approval cycle.

Long Term Archiving Compliance (EDICOMLta)EDICOMSignADoc integrates with EDICOMLta long-term storage service to offer a complete solution that includes custody of documents as well as evidence of approval with guaranteed integrity in accordance with the foremost international standards for e-document preservation. EDICOMLta guarantees the integrity and authenticity of your documents with e-signatures and EDICOM third-party trust time stamps. The EDICOMLta storage service is designed in accordance with ISO 14641. It is also accredited by the European Commission as an eIDAS service provider and by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC). EDICOMLta’s authorized preservation processes comply with Mexico’s NOM151 standard as well as Italy’s Conservazione Sostitutiva (replacement storage).


Advantages of using EDICOMSignADoc

  • Increases efficiency of document management
  • Streamlines contracting and purchasing processes
  • Simplifies resolving inconsistencies with evidence logging
  • Increases control of approval processes
  • Reduces costs
  • Provides access to documents anywhere, anytime
  • Automates sending and management of documents thanks to integration capabilities


EDICOM’s team of expert consultants will guide you through the whole process, from analysing your needs to implementing your document approval solution.

Before, during and after implementing your project, our team will be there to set up, configure initial workflow parameters, integrate system processes and much more. 

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