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Germany prepares for PEPPOL adoption in e-Procurement processes

e-Invoicing Germany

PEPPOL in the EU is on the rise, as more countries adopt its infrastructure regarding electronic invoicing for e-Procurement processes, such as the NHS in the UK.

Following Directive 2014/55/EU, the German National IT Planning Council has decided to implement PEPPOL for e-Invoices exchanged with the public authorities in the country. The decision on timeline and specifications for using the PEPPOL eDelivery Network for federal, regional and local authorities is planned to be made in October 2018.

Also, the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT) has become German PEPPOL Authority, to expand the use of PEPPOL. KoSIT becomes the 10th PEPPOL Authority in the EU. However, the German format XRechnung will still be used in public procurement, as public authorities will still have to be able to receive and process invoices in this format.

As for national authorities, they can accept other formats next to XRechnung and also other ways of transport for e-Invoices besides PEPPOL.

As described on the PEPPOL website, the next steps will be to setup the German PEPPOL Authority and map the XRechnung CIUS into a German rule set in the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 CIUS. In preparation for the planned October decision on setting the timeline and conditions for using and joining the PEPPOL eDelivery Network, KoSIT will involve German stakeholders in the process.

Other countries that already have adopted PEPPOL

As part of the NHS e-Procurement Strategy in the UK, the healthcare sector companies must join certified PEPPOL Access Points in order to exchange outbound invoices and incoming orders. Therefore, they have to prepare their internal systems for e-communications through the PEPPOL platform.

Ireland has recently become PEPPOL Authority. The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) will operate as PEPPOL Authority and is working to establish a National Framework Agreement with commercially available solutions to facilitate that Public Sector Bodies access the services needed to become compliant in time.

Italy also uses the PEPPOL infrastructure in the healthcare sector. By 2018, the government plans to require all public health sector suppliers to be able to receive orders electronically through the NSO (Nodo Smistamento Ordini) platform. The standard chosen is PEPPOL, an interoperable European standard that is gaining ground in many e-procurement initiatives across the European Union.

PEPPOL is also commonly used in most of the Nordic countries. For example, as part of the implementation of the European e-Invoice Directive in Danish legislation, the Danish Agency for Digitalisation is planning the integration of NemHandel and PEPPOL in the coming years. In Norway, public Administrations use PEPPOL network for inbound invoices. Both Public Administrations and providers can choose their own Access Point amongst certified service providers.

EDICOM, certified PEPPOL Access Point

Accreditation as a PEPPOL Access Point or authorized third party enables Edicom to link up with the PEPPOL platform, where private companies and governments in Europe can exchange e-documents of any kind. In addition, Edicom holds SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) certification, allowing it to manage its own identifier infrastructure in the PEPPOL network connected to the SML (Service Metadata Locator).

Edicom runs its own PEPPOL technology independently from third parties, ensuring flexibility and agility in meeting the demands of markets that have implemented the PEPPOL standards.

The PEPPOL eDelivery network is getting ready for the AS4 communication protocol

OpenPEPPOL and CEF have confirmed that the AS4 information exchange protocol introduction phase has been completed successfully. The adoption of the AS4 protocol in the PEPPOL network forms part of a defined scaled transition process to minimize risks that may be caused by implementation of a new protocol.

EDICOM, as a technological supplier specialized in electronic information exchange, has its own AS Server, accessible for all customers that require AS connections with their agents. Recently, EDICOM has obtained certification of its AS server (EAS Server) by the European Union, having complied with all technical and security requirements and specifications. EDICOM’s AS server also has the Drummond Group Certificate of Interoperability, that ensures a secure exchange of information via EDICOM solutions using the AS2 protocol.

At EDICOM we are ready to use the AS4 protocol with those customers that wish or require it in relation to their communications with their partners.

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