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European eID@Cloud project for Pan-European electronic identification

European eID@Cloud project

The European Union is advancing in the development of its Digital Single Market initiative in various social and business areas by aiming development and evolution towards a fully digital and accessible market. The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program is the agency responsible for creating projects that will facilitate progress towards models of public electronic services.

Since the eIDAS Regulation has become effective, various initiatives have been carried out to promote the electronic identification of European citizens and companies (eID) by facilitating access to the Pan-European market and cross-border communications. One of the projects is eID@Cloud, whose objective is to provide the electronic platforms necessary for citizens to interact with any European public body from the national identification nodes using their national identity.

At EDICOM, we keep our commitment to accompany companies and citizens on the road to digital transformation and interoperability and actively participate in this project by connecting the cloud platform to the Spanish node eIDAS.

Currently, there are five platforms in the cloud (EDICOM, Officient, Aksesspunkt, eConnect and Unimaze) that will connect to the five existing eIDAS nodes (Spain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Iceland). The technological platforms will be the ones that will request, receive and process the electronic identifications received from the eIDAS node corresponding to citizens and companies to validate their identities.

This will allow citizens of the European Union to automatically identify themselves with their national eID on the EDICOM platform and access the electronic services of any member in the country. The eID will function as a standard identifier of citizens and companies and can also be included in any of the document exchanges carried out.

Charles III University of Madrid has been coordinating this project and the prototype was presented at the last International Conference on Cybersecurity and Resilience of Cyber Physical Systems (ICCRCPS 2018) held in June in Vienna (Austria).

The project (eID@Cloud, code 2016-EU-IA-0064) has been co-financed by the European Union.

Other European projects EDICOM is participating in

EDICOM also participates in projects for the implementation of electronic invoicing in Public Administrations financed by the European Union. Through these projects, the costs of implementing the European Electronic invoice are subsidized. Collaborators must be part of the European project consortium according to the requirements and implications defined by European call CEF-TC-2018-2 and e-invoice within the framework of Directive 2014/55/EU.

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