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How to use Onboarding Services to efficiently incorporate suppliers to your EDI project

Onboarding Services

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a system that maximizes its potential as the number of message transactions between partners increases. The greater the number of messages exchanged and the partners involved in the communication chain, the greater the advantages of this system. This is why demand for Onboarding services is increasing more and more. Companies want to connect via EDI with their business partners.

An Onboarding service puts connectivity with partners in the hands of a specialized technological company while guaranteeing that all requirements established by the client are met.

What exactly is the Onboarding service?

Hiring an Onboarding solution means outsourcing the management of partner integration with a client’s EDI platform. This task stems from the technological provider when a company wants to connect with its suppliers using the EDI system. The technical service is implemented for each one of the suppliers and their clients so that they have the ability to communicate through EDI and exchange required messages (purchases orders, dispatch notices, invoices…). This system is also useful in case customers and suppliers need to increase these types of messages.

Large companies are choosing EDI in order to reduce costs and be more competitive and efficient. Also, more and more, companies are requiring their suppliers to use EDI for commercial transactions, which is the case with large retailers. However, they are aware that not all of their suppliers have the capacity to implement this technology. Still they consider maximizing the performance of the EDI system and facilitating connectivity through their suppliers as a business strategy. Through an onboarding service assumed by the company, the integration is done with no added cost for the supplier.

The main advantages of the Onboarding service are:

  • Saving time and effort for clients due to managing integration and focusing on their activities
  • Increasing the volume of documents exchanged and connecting customers in less time
  • Integration guarantees thanks to the verification system process before giving the green light to connect

It’s undoubtedly a business strategy that guarantees to help companies get the most out of EDI in a short amount of time and to benefit from all of its advantages such as:

  • Integrating communications with internal computer systems
  • Processing commercial transactions automatically
  • Optimizing administrative, logistic and management processes
  • Reducing times for the receipt and the delivery of goods
  • Increasing security and confidentiality in communications
  • Reducing economic costs by computerizing all communication processes

How to approach an Onboarding project with suppliers

EDICOM has developed an onboarding system that guarantees the start-up of integration projects with suppliers or customers. EDICOM adopts an active role in the forefront by developing a set of actions to connect to the client’s communications platform and by increasing, in a short amount of time, the number of transactions carried out electronically with all of its partners and business partners.

The project is divided into various phases:

  1. Project planning (segmenting partners and defining actions)
  2. Technological Status. Compilation and analysis of information on the technological development of partners (whether they have an EDI solution or not).
  3. Partners with a solution. In this case, connection tests are made to the partner’s platform and support is provided during the testing phase.
  4. Partners without a solution. In this case, the partner is informed about the details of the project and the possibilities of connecting to the platform.
  5. Reporting. This service offers the maximum transparency by monitoring evolution and giving a report about each partner through the collaborative Onboarding Web Tool solution. The visibility and traceability of the Onboarding project’s evolution are essential for it to develop successfully. For this reason we have developed a tool that facilitates the monitoring, traceability and updating of the phase in which each provider is located as well as the pending actions that must be carried out with each one. This real-time monitoring gives customers’ full visibility into the status of the project.

To facilitate the Onboarding process, we have created our own Testing and Certification Portal, with the objective that for certain projects, partners themselves can carry out the tests and testing for messages to be exchanged. The Partners’ Testing and Certification Portal is an online portal where the users themselves carry out the validation and verification of the EDI messages to be exchanged. This portal is a fundamental piece in the verification or testing phase. Thanks to this tool, this project is streamlined and simplified since it is the partners themselves who have the necessary information to perform the tests on the portal and validate the EDI messages until they reach the level of quality expected by clients. Find out all the characteristics and advantages of EDICOM’s Partners’ Testing and Certification Portal.

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