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IFTMAN EDI message completes cargo traceability

IFTMAN EDI message

The IFTMAN message is, in EDIFACT language, the notification of arrival of the goods. In electronic data interchange (EDI) this message provides information on the arrival of the cargo before it arrives at its destination. To determine the status of the goods from the time of their dispatch, during transport and up to their delivery it is valuable information that favors customer service. Cargo traceability is a factor that creates confidence, whether in the B2C (Business to consumer) or in the B2B (Business to Business), field, but also in the latter, traceability is efficiency and it helps to successfully complete the flow of the supply chain.

IFTMAN is part of the flow of messages that are exchanged in the process of transporting the goods between suppliers and customers working with EDI solutions and it is applied in any area of the distribution.

This message is sent by the supplier of the goods or the agent contracted for their transport, to the customer; and provides information on the arrival of the goods (day, time, etc.).

Together with the DESADV message, despatch advice, it is a fundamental document for the reception of the goods. While the DESADV or ASN notifies when the goods are sent, the IFTMAN indicates the date on which they will arrive.

What are the advantages of the IFTMAN message?

For more information shared between the agents involved in the goods distribution logistics chain, more security and guarantees of efficiency are obtained. In this sense, the IFTMAN message is one link in the chain that obtains:

  • The planning of the arrival of the goods in the destination loading docks: it prevents accumulation of trucks, bringing the loading docks to a standstill and unnecessary waiting of carriers.
  • A good operational management, one of the key phases of distribution.
  • Avoid stoppages of the goods, which, depending on the type of products, becomes more relevant: food or pharmaceutical products, due to failure of temperature.
  • Comply with the scheduled times.
  • Greater control of the process, allowing for acting quickly in the event of an unforeseen circumstance or a fault in the chain.

IFTMAN and trends in the distribution sector

One of the trends in the logistics of the retail sector is Supply Chain Visibility (SCV). The implementation of technological solutions optimizes distribution channels, communication between partners and end customers. With electronic data interchange (EDI) it is possible to monitor the cargo and its traceability, so that the stakeholders involved always have information on the goods to hand and can validate it.

EDI solutions allow exchanging information through different messages that make it possible to manage goods directly or indirectly (ORDERS, INSDES, OSPRTP, RECADV, INVRPT, DESADV, IFTMAN).

The SCV unit generates a 24h cargo control; it improves operations because information in real time allows correcting unexpected problems in supply flow or responding to variations on the part of the demand; it reduces costs and impacts positively on the customer's experience and its level of satisfaction.

Solutions and services

EDICOM is a trusted partner in the retail and logistics sector. With EDI solutions and the EDICOMNet partner network, suppliers and distributors are connected through a single communication platform through which they can:

  • Processing electronic messages in any standard (XML, EDIFACT, X12...).
  • Manage sending and receiving documents in any communication protocol.
  • Develop a B2B platform capable of maintaining a smooth exchange of commercial messages with any supplier: order, dispatch notifications, invoices…


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