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Roadmap 2019: e-Procurement, e-Invoicing and e-VAT in Europe and Latin America

e-Invoicing Roadmap 2019

Throughout 2019 there are several mandatory dates to comply with e-Invoicing, VAT returns and e-Procurement requisites. For businesses, globalization means having a single market in which to take part as a supplier or as a customer. But there are still particular requirements in each country that need to be focused on if we want to operate efficiently.

These are the main new features.

B2G and B2B e-Invoicing in the European scope

  • April 18 2019 is the definitive deadline for European Union members to adopt, publish and apply the provisions necessary for compliance with Directive 2014/55/EU. As of that date, all European public administrations must be able to accept invoices in electronic format from their suppliers.
  • Italy: From January 1, 2019 in Italy, e-invoicing will be mandatory among private companies (B2B), both for issuance and reception.

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