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Spanish Public Administration subcontractors will implement e-Invoicing through FACeB2B

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B2B e-Invoicing is gaining momentum following the expansion of electronic invoicing with the public administration across the European Union. Following on from the consolidation of FACe as the general point of entry for electronic invoices with the Public Administration, Spain’s Tax Ministry is rolling out a similar model, the FACeB2B platform, as a general point of entry for e-Invoices between subcontractors and main contractors of Public Administrations.

Public Procurement Law 9/2017 marks the starting point for the use of this platform, making e-Invoicing mandatory in relations between Public Administration subcontractors and main contractors when the invoice amount is over €5,000. The law specifies that a Single Electronic Register will be made available to users before 30 June 2018 and will enable the certification of the date when subcontractors submit invoices to main contractors.

How does a document flow work in FACeB2B?

Having an electronic service provider like EDICOM lets you integrate and automate the entire invoice issuance and reception process to FACeB2B. The Single Electronic Register will be a general starting point parallel to FACe and will work as follows:

  • A subcontractor will be able to automatically send invoices to FACeB2B via EDICOM.
  • The contractor will connect to FACeB2B via EDICOM to detect whether it has received any invoices. The contractor can then use our platform to automate reception and integrate invoices in its ERP. It will also be able to configure email alerts for when a new invoice comes through.
  • The main contractor will continue to send its invoices to the FACe platform using the EDICOM Public Administration hub so that FACe can send it on to the administration concerned.

EDICOM can establish a two-way channel with FACeB2B to send subcontractor invoices and issue invoices to the platform’s main contractors. The EDICOM solution can receive and send both contractors and subcontractors notifications of sent invoice status to manage across-the-chain traceability.

How to adapt to FACeB2B

The platform can be used to fully automate e-invoicing between private companies, integrating the process in their internal management systems. Any firm integrated in FACeB2B will be able to send and receive e-invoices to and from any other company also with the platform.

Public Administration suppliers presently with an EDICOM solution to submit invoices to the general FACe point already have a large part of the infrastructure needed: the communications platform, invoice mapping, connection with our Public Administration hub and invoice e-signatures. EDICOM can manage projects for FACe and FACeB2B from a single platform, simplifying invoicing processes with all your suppliers and retail trading partners, whether private or the public administration.

EDICOM's e-Invoicing solution means that any company can send and receive electronic invoices automatically, optimizing processes and the resources allocated to paper-based management and times required.

The implementation of an electronic data interchange solution entails investment on the part of a company but once in place it can be built on and used with most any other partner. The scalability and flexibility of the solution translate into the fully automated management of business-to-business communications, powering corporate efficiency and reducing costs and bill collection times.

Core functionalities of the FACeB2B system

The platform is also designed to be an invoice reception and distribution point for any company that wants to make use of the system for B2B relations between private firms and the provision of goods or services not covered by Law 9/2017.

FACeB2B will provide a web-service interface for companies that enables system integration through the following functions:

  • Send invoice
  • Get invoice information
  • Cancel invoice
  • Get logged invoices
  • Get canceled invoices
  • Download invoice
  • Change invoice status
  • The FACeB2B system will guard submitted invoices through to when the invoice is downloaded by the recipient.
  • The system will not validate the validity of the signature at invoice delivery, meaning that all invoices with a facturae format will be admitted along with the validations considered necessary.     

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