Storage of Documents, E-Signatures, and Approval Evidence With Reversed Burden of Proof

edicomlta-edicomsignadoc-long-term storage

EDICOMLta is a long-term storage service that preserves your e-documents and provides evidence of their authenticity and integrity in the event of third-party requests.

Combining the use of the EDICOMSignADoc document approval system and the EDICOMLta long-term storage service creates a highly valuable solution for managing and preserving e-documents subject to approval workflows.

The criticality of some documents demands their secure storage, and subjects them to controls that are often governed by regulations and audit procedures. These regulations detail specific technologies that must be used to ensure the integrity of stored data and require analysis of the documents’ life cycles, identifying the people and processes involved.

Trust Service Providers use the technology and carry out the processes required in such cases. The safeguards must meet the requirements of the countries in which the document owners operate. It allows for the reversal of the burden of proof and demonstrates the integrity of stored content in the event of inconsistencies.

As an international Trust Service Provider, EDICOM has the most advanced accreditations in the field of e-document preservation, offering a versatile solution that permanently reassures data integrity using e-signatures and time stamps.

SignADoc, EDICOM's document delivery and e-signature service, stores documents for 6 months along with an evidence log for each document.

The integration of this service with the EDICOMLta long-term storage platform allows the preservation period to be extended beyond 6 months and offers additional capabilities for analyzing and retrieving stored data and documents.

EDICOM long-term archiving

EDICOMLta, EDICOM's long-term storage service, adheres to the most rigorous information security standards, such as ISO27001 and ISAE 3402.

EDICOM carries out preservation processes in accordance with the ISO14641 and is certified by the European Commission as an eIDAS service provider. Additional certifications include those of the Colombian National Accreditation Body (ONAC) and accredited provider of NOM151 message preservation services in Mexico. EDICOMLta is also compatible with Italy’s Conservazione Sostitutiva (replacement storage) rules.

In short, EDICOMLta is a long-term e-data storage service that guarantees complete, secure and confidential custody of documents. EDICOM is certified by the most important international bodies in the field of information preservation and custody to provide this service.

Integration of EDICOMSignADoc with EDICOMLta

After documents published on the EDICOMSignADoc platform have completed the approval cycle, they are transferred along with their evidence report to EDICOMLta. The EDICOMLta platform stores the documents and applies a unique ID, digital signatures, and time stamps to ensure the documents are inalterable. The whole process is fully transparent for users.

EDICOMLta’s versatility makes it the perfect complement to the EDICOMSignADoc document approval service. The integration of both systems reduces management time and ensures secure preservation of contracts, invoices and any other document type, while guaranteeing compliance with legal requirements.

The advantages of using SignADoc with EDICOMLta

Reversal of burden of proof to third parties

In the event of a dispute, the contracting party is obliged to prove the inauthenticity or lack of integrity of documents stored with EDICOMLta.

Long-term storage

With EDICOMLta, you can store any type of document for as long as your company may need, or as long as required by law.

Advanced document viewing options

EDICOMLta provides advanced search, classification and document access options. The simple, user-friendly portal allows you to identify, capture, classify, preserve, recover, display and access all your documents. 

Documents are available in both SignADoc and EDICOMLta.

Traceability throughout the entire document life cycle

All actions taken on documents from publication on SignADoc to storage on EDICOMLta are recorded in an evidence report.

Keeping documents with their evidence report confers legal validity to the documents.

Continuous data protection

In order to preserve documents over the long term, they are re-secured at regular intervals with the application of electronic time stamp certificates.

Time stamping guarantees the integrity of the information over time and prevents the documents from being corrupted.


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