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Sweden sets mandatory e-Invoicing for contracting authorities and their suppliers

e-Invoicing Sweden

e-Invoicing with Swedish central government agencies has been mandatory since 2008. The next step is for all the contracting authorities and their suppliers, who must adapt to the receipt and issue of electronic invoices as of April 1, 2019. This means that the authorities will no longer accept invoices in PDF format from this date.

The aim is to increase the level of digitalization in Sweden and also to take the first concrete steps toward a unified European Union market by implementing PEPPOL connectivity. Businesses have less than six months to adapt to the new procedure, which will affect their in-house invoicing processes.

To facilitate this obligation, public entities must provide their own portals to suppliers, from where they can send their invoices. More than 200,000 suppliers are estimated to be affected by this obligation.

Sweden has national formats for its electronic exchanges. The Svefaktura format should continue to be accepted by the public administration, although the government recommends the use of PEPPOL.

The Swedish Government accepted the proposal by the Swedish National Financial Management Authority, ESV, on the regulation of the format and the sending of electronic invoices. As a result, the regulatory authority on the implementation on the proposal was moved from ESV to the Digital Administration Authority, DIGG in September 2018.

Under the regulation, all Public contracting authorities must be connected to PEPPOL by November 1st, 2019 and be able to receive invoices via PEPPOL. This means that all public administrations are connected to a PEPPOL Access Point.  Although many Swedish public institutions can already receive invoices in PEPPOL format through the infrastructure, the government’s decision seeks 100% PEPPOL connectivity for contracting public authorities.

EDICOM accredited as Access Point provider for the PEPPOL network

EDICOM, global EDI technology and e-Invoicing provider, is accredited by the OpenPEPPOL international association as an Access Point provider for the PEPPOL platform.  Access Point accreditation allows EDICOM to connect with the PEPPOL e-procurement platform. Through PEPPOL, private businesses and governments of countries across Europe can interchange electronic documents of any type: invoices, purchase orders, stock inventory, etc. These business processes are conducted in a standardized interoperable fashion.

Invoice globally from our Global e-Invoicing Platform

The Nordic landscape is an example of the heterogeneity of the factors to be faced when engaging in cross-border trade relations: different platforms, networks, and formats, in addition to varied legal requirements set by each State when issuing an e-Invoice.

Companies operating in different markets or intending to undertake an internationalization plan can partner with EDICOM to ensure that every model is covered technologically. EDICOM’s e-Invoicing platform simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments. It can be fully automated with most of the major ERPs in the market and can also automate VAT compliance in over 60 countries. The platform is also constantly updated with the changes detected by our Global e-Invoicing Observatory.

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