What is a Trust Service Provider?

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Digitalization and the boom of the global economy have brought about important challenges, such as guaranteeing security in electronic transactions and ensuring the integrity of information. A trust service provider is a key partner for companies and public agencies handling sensitive electronic information. But what is a trust service provider?

A trust service provider is a company with the technological capacity to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of information generated in electronic format. It provides individuals and companies with secure electronic identification mechanisms that allow them to carry out and speed up commercial activities while maintaining legal validity.

To guarantee online data security, individuals and companies are identified using electronic signatures, electronic seals, or timestamps. These mechanisms give rise to more complete technological solutions, such as electronic long-term storage or certified storage.

The use of trust services offers many advantages to businesses, including:

  • Guarantees the security and integrity of electronic documents during their creation, delivery, reception, and storage
  • Time, cost, and resource savings derived from process automation, integration, and access to documents anywhere, anytime
  • Provides legal validity
  • Improves competitiveness by allowing businesses to offer security to their customers and suppliers
  • Technology companies can be certified by different authorities to become trust service providers. EDICOM is a Certification Authority (ACEDICOM) in Europe, Mexico, and Colombia, meaning the trust services offered are adjusted to the technical and legal requirements in each. 

ACEDICOM is a native part of the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform service infrastructure. This means that EDICOM solutions are equipped with the digital tools that allow users to exchange electronic messages in a secure, integral, and confidential manner.¡


Trust Services


Issuance of Digital Certificates for Electronic Signatures

The electronic signature is an identification mechanism that replaces the handwritten signature while providing the same legal validity to signed documents. A digital certificate, which is electronically signed by a trust service provider, links signature verification data to a signatory to confirm the document’s authenticity

A digital certificate serves to identify the parties to an electronic transaction, exchange encrypted information to ensure confidentiality, and electronically sign documents to prove the integrity and origin of the information.

A trust service provider, in addition to issuing digital certificates, assumes the responsibility of guaranteeing the veracity of the data in the digital certificate.

The most common use cases for electronic certificates include digitally signing documents, data encryption, certified document digitalization or storage, and personal identification.


Timestamping Service

Timestamping verifies the existence and integrity of data at a certain moment in time.

A Timestamp Authority such as EDICOM acts as a trusted third party, affirming the existence of electronic data at a specific date and time.

The electronic timestamp has many applications, including in certified invoice digitalization and the storage of any type of electronic document. It can be used in any process that demands proof of the existence of electronic information at a given time, in its original format. 


Certified Document Digitalization

The EDICOM Certified Storage service allows companies to maintain an electronic document archive. Since documents undergo a verification and validation process, they possess the same legal validity and security guarantees as paper documents.

Documents subjected to certified storage processes can be originals, generated in electronic format, or paper documents that have been digitized. This allows users to replace paper documents with their digital version.

Some countries have legislation in place that allows a paper original to be replaced by its digital equivalent while retaining the same legal validity.

Where legislation allows for it, the physical version of documents can be destroyed after being subject to electronic signature processes. In these cases, the EDICOM Certified Document Repository stores digital documents that are legally equivalent to their original version. This is the case for certified invoice digitalization in Spain, the NOM151 Conservation Service in Mexico, and the Conservazione Sostitutiva in Italy.


Long-Term Document Conservation Service

Long-term electronic storage involves the conservation of documents in digital format and the preservation of their integrity. A solution of this type must have the technological capacity to prove that the information has not been modified at any point in time and to give documents legal validity before third parties. 

As a trust service provider, EDICOM developed the EDICOMLta (Long-Term Archiving) solution for certified electronic document storage.

The platform incorporates the identification, digital signature, and electronic timestamping methods outlined in the European eIDAS regulation.

EDICOMLta is a certified platform for the long-term storage of electronic documents. Files can be archived for the time required by companies or by the relevant legislation in each country. The solution guarantees permanent access to and backup of 100% of documents, as well as evidence management to maintain the integrity of stored files.



Using new electronic identification tools like digital signatures, EDICOM was able to develop the EDICOMSignADoc solution for the management of document approval workflows.

The platform allows users to customize approval workflows according to existing internal procedures and document criticality. Both internal and external users (like suppliers and customers) can be involved in approving contracts or commercial proposals.

Benefits of Implementing EDICOMSignADoc:

  • Makes document approval processes digital, efficient, and traceable
  • Optimizes work methodologies and project management. The solution is adaptable to different departments within a company, like sales, human resources, and administration. Example workflows include sending commercial proposals to clients for their approval and signature; quickly approving invoices within the organization; obtaining new employees’ signatures on labor contracts while maintaining the validity of a written signature.
  • Allows for document traceability through a configurable dashboard with a view of KPIs and detailed information on the status of approval processes
  • Compatible with any management system
  • Permits data integration between systems and applications
  • SaaS solution that operates 24x7 with 99.9% availability guaranteed

EDICOM as a Trust Service Provider

EDICOM is a global technology provider and the ACEDICOM certification authority is integrated into the service infrastructure of the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform. This allows them to provide B2B e-commerce solutions for the secure exchange of electronic messages that guarantee their integrity and confidentiality.

EDICOM is also accredited with the following certifications: 

  • European Certification Authority
  • Accredited as a Certification Authority for all of Europe
  • Provider of Certification Services in Mexico
  • Accredited as a Certification Service Provider (or Certification Authority) in Mexico
  • Time Stamping Authority
    • Accredited Time Stamping Authority in Mexico
    • NOM151 Data Storage Service
    • Accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Economy for the provision of data conservation services in accordance with the official Mexican Standard SCFI-2002.
    • Certified by the Mexican tax administration to apply fiscal seals to electronic invoices according to the CFDI system (Digital Tax Receipt by Internet).

Qualified Trust Service Provider

  • Accredited according to European Regulation No. 910/2014 on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the European Market (eIDAS)
  • Digital Certification Authority in Colombia
  • Authorized by the ONAC to offer digital certificate issuance and electronic signature services.

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