EDI in the Automotive Industry

Automotive EDI: What is OFTP2?

What is OFTP2?

OFTP was created by Odette, the European automotive standards committee, and is one of the most commonly used communication protocols in the automotive industry by most European car manufacturers to exchange transactions with their suppliers.

The OFTP2 protocol is an evolution of OFTP1

Version OFTP2 was designed principally to protect data exchanged over the internet, where the security of the data is guaranteed with the use of security certificates. This change in the protocol is justified by the benefits that OFTP2 brings for companies that need to exchange confidential commercial information and large files like the CAD files used in the automotive industry.

Automotive industry firms operate globally and require data exchange solutions with their partners at a global level, respecting the particularities of each region. The use of this protocol at the global level facilitates the exchange of large volumes of information since it is faster, and transmission times can be further reduced if the data is compressed.

OFTP2 communication protocol replaces ISDN in automotive sector

Internet communication protocols (HTTPS) are eclipsing the telephone networks that were used until now, evidenced by the migration to the OFTP2 protocol that the leading companies in the automotive sector have been carrying out for some years to replace its predecessor OFTP1, which used to run on ISDN lines. So, both TIER I and TIER II businesses should consider converting their communications to OFTP2 as soon as possible.

OFTP2 advantages

The latest protocol version boasts more security functionalities for secure data exchange over IP networks.

  • EDI and CAD exchanges: EDICOM permits the fast and secure exchange of structured EDI transactions of technical documents (CAD/CAM/CAE) through the EOS (EDICOM OFTP Server). This communications protocol also enables the compression of large data volumes.
  • Full availability: Uses the internet as a secure communications channel, ensuring complete service availability anywhere in the world.
  • Traceability: It implements functions that permit tracking, reception confirmation and non-repudiation of data exchanged between stakeholders, as the data is authenticated.
  • Reliability: EDICOM OFTP Server can resume suspended data transmission processes. Transmissions can be performed in push & pull mode.
  • Security: It implements data encryption via asymmetric cryptography and electronic signatures, employing algorithms and procedures such as SHA-256 and PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy).
  • Savings: Shorter transfer times and internet use enable drastic cost reductions compared to OFTP1 and other protocols.

EDICOM is an OFTP2 service provider

EDICOM provides electronic data exchange using a variety of different communication protocols, including OFTP2, as well as AS2 servers, value-added networks (VAN), SFTP, web services, etc…

Through our EDICOM OFTP Server (EOS), businesses can exchange any EDI document or technical files in CAD/CAM/CAE formats with another company anywhere in the world immediately, securely and encrypted. In addition, our server has an Interoperability Certificate granted by the sector association ODETTE INTERNATIONAL for EOS (Edicom OFTP Server) server interoperability for OFTP 2 (Odette File Trans Protocol V.2).

Our multi-protocol and multi-standard platforms represent the fastest, most efficient solution to activate the OFTP2 channel, guaranteeing transparent communication and seamless connectivity with any trading partner in the sector.

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