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EDI speeds up and streamlines relations between trading partners regardless of size, nationality or sector of activity.

Through these pages you will be able to expand your knowledge on electronic data interchange and its features.

What is it? What benefits does it provide? How does it work? All these questions are answered in the following pages.

  1. Start with our articles dedicated to EDI basics, frequently asked questions you may have about how an EDI solution impacts your internal and external procedures.

  2. EDI applied to the different operational systems in companies permits the obtaining of important benefits resulting in more agile and efficient operations.

  3. EDI offers a wide range of possibilities with which to approach your EDI project, whatever your needs, from small implementations to large-scale solutions.

  4.  We are one of the major providers of technical solutions in Europe for some of the world's largest retailers, guaranteeing connectivity with the main retailers worldwide.

  5. Learn more about the most commons used EDI standards, some developed specifically for particular industries and others used extensively across more sectors or regions.

  6. The criticality of the documents exchanged by EDI make it necessary to develop secure communications platforms specially devised for these purposes.

GS1 International

We are member of GS1, whose mission is to promote the use of standard languages that simplify and automate commercial and logistic communications between trading partners from all economic sectors. Which standards does it promote?


  1. Learn about regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

  2. PEPPOL entails a compilation of specifications designed to facilitate public procurement between businesses and administrations.

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