Cloud-based EDI solutions integrated with your ERP

EDI solutions in SaaS mode operate in the cloud, enabling integration with your ERP to send and receive B2B EDI messages.

Cloud EDI for a complete integration

Through SaaS or Software as a Service mode, technology service providers give users IT apps installed in remote data centres.

This EDI model entails users logging into their management apps online, usually with a simple web browser, from where they can administer and fully manage all the applications available from the service provider's data centre.

SaaS EDI has taken a firm hold across multiple settings, and electronic data interchange (EDI) is probably one of the areas that has picked up the SaaS mode ball and run with it most.

Cloud EDI applications are designed to integrate with the customer firm’s management or ERP system. They involve establishing communication systems to enable data transfers between the management system and the EDI SaaS solution for the constant and automatic exchange of sent and received documents.

Some of the core features of SaaS EDI solutions

Cloud EDI integration

Integrated EDI

EDI platforms or solutions which to all intents and purposes are integrated with the user's internal management or ERP system.

Pay to use

Pay to use

Because they are cloud solutions they follow a commercial model that entails recurring payments in accordance with the use made of the solution.

no investment required

No investment

The cost of the technical infrastructure the solution must support is assumed by the service provider. The same goes for the software and its developments, freeing the customer from having to invest in any type of licence, server or application.

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