ODETTE, the leading European organisation following the automotive-specific EDI standard

How does ODETTE work?

The Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe (ODETTE) is a group representing the leading carmakers in Europe. Its North American equivalent would be the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group).

ODETTE develops tools and recommendations to improve the supply chain flow of goods, services and products, based on information management across the auto industry value chain.

It is responsible for one of the standards most commonly used in electronic data interchange in the car industry, a sector where the role of telecommunications is essential to respond to the JIT (Just In Time) policy requirements that are so widespread in this field.

Messages developed under this standard are specific to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers’ assembly line requirements. EDI document flows are usually also supplemented by the X12 and EDIFACT standards to manage despatch advice messages and invoices.

Specific ODETTE documents

  • DELINS     Delivery Forecast / Delivery
  • EXHAND   For Delivery Schedule Exception Handling
  • CALDEL    JIT Delivery
  • SYNCRO    Sequenced Delivery
  • KANBAN   KANBAN Delivery
  • FORDIS     ‘Ready for Dispatch’ Advice
  • AVIEXP     Dispatch Advice
  • INVOIC     Invoice
  • STOACT    Inventory Report
  • TRINAD    Forwarding Instruction
  • CONSUM  Consignment Consolidation
  • ORDERR   Purchase Order
  • ORDCHG  Order Change
  • REPORD   Order Response
  • PRILST      Price List Based
  • REMADV   Remittance Advice
  • STATAC     Account Statement