Global e-Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Companies operate on globalised markets that require an adaptation of their processes to the rise of electronic invoicing models and tax reports.

One Platform. Infinite Solutions.

We have developed a global B2B2G e-communications platform with compliant e-Invoicing and tax compliance capabilities that makes it possible to send electronic invoices and reports to any government agency or trading partner from a single solution.

It is the ideal solution for companies operating on different markets using centralised management systems which must be able to handle documents in accordance with the laws in force in each country.

What is your project about?

e-Invoicing in Europe

Our e-Invoicing solutions are designed to comply with the laws in each country where you have to operate.

LATAM e-Invoicing

Simplify e-Invoice issuance and receipt with a global provider that can integrate, validate and archive all your documents.

e-Tax compliance

We can help you comply with mandatory e-VAT reporting in the UK, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Poland, etc...

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eInvoicing in LATAM

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B2G european eInvoicing

e-Invoicing deadlines to consider

e-Invoicing Italy

e-Invoicing Italy

Electronic invoicing between private companies is mandatory as of 1 January 2019.

e-Invoicing Portugal

e-Invoicing Portugal

Electronic invoicing with public administrations will be mandatory starting April 2020.

e-Invoicing Colombia

e-Invoicing Colombia

Extension awarded to a number of Special Taxpayers until 1 January 2019.

Global compliance and scalable solutions

Kuraray has entrusted Edicom with the rollout of an international e-Invoicing project in compliance with current legislation in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. This is a global and scalable solution which, at any time, can be adapted to manage the increasing workload smoothly without any loss of quality in the services provided.

e-Invoicing issuance solutions

Whether you are part of an international company with subsidiaries and Shared Services Centers located in different countries, you have a centralized management system to which all the users connect to launch their invoicing processes or you want to optimize your management processes issuing 100% of your invoices in electronic format, we have the solution.

Compliant outbound e-Invoices Solution

  • EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform implements issuing solutions adapted to particular features and technical and legal specifications of each country. To do so, it develops complex data mapping systems to adapt your ERP’s data structure to the different formats in force in each region. These adaptations include the signature processes and registration of the fiscal control codes in force in each country where your company operates.

e-Invoicing for Public Administrations

  • EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform simplifies the issuing of e-invoices according to the specifications of the various European public administrations. This type of solutions poses different challenges, as communication is one of the most important and hard to manage aspects, involving the development of different point-to-point connectors depending on the specific administrations to be linked.

Business@Mail: B2C e-Invoicing platform

  • Business@Mail is the B2C platform developed by EDICOM that lets you extend your e-Invoicing project to 100% of your customers. Business@Mail constructs readable PDF-format documents from the data received, including e-signature and all the specifications set out in the appropriate legislation on e-invoicing issues. Clients receive notifications via email when they have new invoices.

e-Invoicing reception solutions

Whether you have Shared Services Centers in different countries and receive thousands of invoices from your suppliers which you need to integrate into your Accounts Payable bookkeeping, you need to centralize your reception solution for invoices regardless of the country they come from, or you want to cut costs and optimize your working processes by receiving 100% of invoices from your suppliers in electronic mode, check out our solutions.

Compliant inbound e-Invoices Solution

  • EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform implements invoice reception solutions adapted to the particular features of large-scale recipients operating in the international scope. This solution is based on the commissioning of five key services that simplify the processes of receiving all invoices from your suppliers:receiving invoiceds, legal compliance, syntactic and semantic validation, legal archiving and ERP integration.

Vendor Portal

  • The Edicom Partner Web Portal is designed to integrate those vendors with a lower billing volume who usually send documents by conventional media such as postal services, e-mail or fax. This situation prevents automatic integration of their invoices payable in the management system. For these cases, we design a service adapted to your needs using easy-access web portals for your supplier community, where the invoices addressed to you are recorded with simple data entry forms.

Check out our 2020 e-Invoicing and VAT Compliance Deadlines Calendar

Keep up to date with all that is going to happen during 2020 in terms of e-invoicing and VAT Compliance with our calendar.

B2B2G communications platform features

Since 1995 we have been developing our activity as B2B, B2C and B2G integration solutions.


  • The solution is integrated with the leading ERPs on the market to automate any electronic communication.


  • Suitable for tax compliance in 70-plus countries, centralising all procedures in a single solution.


  • Primed to include and expand the electronic projects required by any enterprise at the international level.

Why a Global e-Invoicing Solution

Companies are active in global markets and manage their commercial, logistical and fiscal operations within a transnational framework, which calls for the adaptation of their administration and data transfer processes to this new reality.

Centralizing information systems is a trend currently gaining ground in multinational businesses. Centralization involves access for all users from any country to a single ERP, and although it results in benefits in terms of efficiency, costs and control of corporate processes, it also means that the same system must be able to bill according to the particularities of each country it services.

The internationalization paradigm also affects multinational companies in the organization and management of their IT resources. The current trend is to centralize all a company’s IT services, including those related with EDI. This cross-organization is performed through a global IT department or a Shared Services Center that services all the company departments and branches. With this new IT management model, it is necessary to have data transmission solutions such as e-invoicing designed to be integrated transparently and quickly within any organizational structure.

Invoices help document a contractual relationship which sets out the rights and obligations of the document issuer and the party acquiring the goods and/or services listed in the invoice. Billing is thus a key transaction that must be adapted to comply with the legislation of each country from which it is issued. In this scenario, it is important to have a service provider able to make the necessary adjustments to the data structures generated by centralized information systems, so that the invoices fit the current legislation in each issuing country.

E-invoicing can be leveraged by implanting control mechanisms that notably help reduce tax evasion, improving the collection of tax revenues. Many countries, especially in Latin America, have passed legislation making digital invoicing mandatory for an increasing volume of issuers, who must use electronic fiscal control codes in their e-documents, which in practice constitute an online declaration of the taxes due to the pertinent tax administrations.

Regardless of the legal and tax implications, e-invoicing provides several working advantages for issuers and recipients who adopt it. The possibility of integrating documents with management systems, immediacy in issuance and delivery, or the enhanced security provided by the digital process compared to the traditional model, result in a drastic increase in the efficiency of administrative processes, with a reduction in costs that can reach up to 93% compared to the traditional paper-based management system.

At EDICOM we maintain a Global Electronic Invoicing Observatory through advanced knowledge management models.

Get to Know everything about e-Invoicing in Latin America and the last e-invoice regulations in Europe.

This observatory is a guarantee for all our customers and users in 3 key areas:

Total adaptation of our e-Invoicing solutions.
Permanent updating.
Fast introduction in new countries.