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Did you know that over 85% of all electronic transactions worldwide use EDI technology?

EDI is the key system for exchanging information between companies, enabling hundreds of thousands of companies to simplify their B2B2G management processes and ensure profitable trade relations between partners of any size, nationality or activity sector.

EDI integrates communications technologies and specific software so that companies’ information systems can exchange critical business, logistical or tax data totally transparently. Thanks to this data interchange model, the in-house management systems of the different partners taking part in a business relation can link up, automating the recording and monitoring of key business transactions.

Gain competitive advantage with our B2B EDI Solutions

Integrated EDI

Cloud-based integrated solutions

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP to manage business document exchanges with your partners form your inhouse management system.

Outsourcing EDI

Outsourcing EDI service

Delegate the administration of your B2B EDI platform to our specialist technicians.


Global EDI

International EDI platform

Multinationals require an EDI communications model that adapts to their special features. We offer centralised solutions designed to support global customers via a single platform.

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

The EDICOM Vendor Portal is a web solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers and receive invoices electronically.

EDI Customer Portal

EDI Customer Portal

The EDICOM Customer Portal implements a communications channel based on a web portal to exchange business documents originally generated in your ERP or management system.

EDI Managed Services

EDI Managed Services

With our EDI Managed Services, outsource management of the entire process of incorporating partners to your EDI communications flow.

Connect with all your partners worldwide

EDICOM’s private value-added network enables the safe, quick, cost-effective exchange of structured messages with your partners from the most comprehensive platform.

EDIOMNet processes more than 500 million transactions a year, from more than 15,000 trading partners worldwide connected to the network and from other VANs, thanks to multiple interoperability agreements.

  • Interconnections and gateway services: interconnection partnerships with the world's leading VANs.
  • Partners with an EDICOMNet mailbox will have access to the AS.x server infrastructure.
  • Our Public Administrations hub removes the complexity of point-to-point connections between each administration and its business partners.
  • At EDICOM, we manage am OFTP Server that allows message exchanges by OFTP versions 1 and 2.

Limitless connectivity

Global, automated and secure data integration software

  1. EDICOMData - Integrated data sync solution

    EDICOMData is the electronic catalogue developed by EDICOM to sync product data between suppliers, distributors and retailers.

    With EDICOMData you can access a customized environment where publishers and subscribers synchronize only the key data they need to share. The process is 100 % customized, designing data entry screens with the fields required by the trading partners.

  2. EDICOMiPaaS - Integration Platform as a Service

    EDICOMiPaaS makes it possible for an enterprise to interconnect all of its apps, whether legacy, on-premises, or cloud, using powerful tools available on the cloud and outsourcing tool development, management, and maintenance to us.

    With EDICOMiPaaS, an enterprise can fully or partially outsource the development of a complete app integration project to our specialist engineers, automating information flows instantly.

  3. VMI - Vendor Management Inventory

    Automate stock management and optimise outcomes by leveraging information shared between customers, suppliers and logistics operators.

    EDICOM VMI services are capable of adjusting forecasts to promotions, sales seasonality, vehicle loading capacity, freight optimisation, preparation of combined loads of various products, etc.

  4. Global e-Invoicing & Tax Compliance

    We have developed a global B2B2G e-communications platform with compliant e-Invoicing and tax compliance capabilities that makes it possible to send electronic invoices and reports to any government agency or trading partner..

    Our e-Invoicing solutions are designed to comply with the laws in each country where you have to operate.

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