Connect with all your partners worldwide

EDICOM’s private value-added network enables the safe, quick, cost-effective exchange of structured messages with your partners from the most comprehensive platform

Meet EDICOMNet, our Value Added Network (VAN) to securely exchange all types of e-documents

EDICOMNet operates as a VAN (Value Added Network) and is one of the largest communities for the smooth, secure and private exchange of all types of commercial transactions with any partner globally.

EDICOMNet is set up as an integral service for critical data transmission in B2B environments, guaranteeing that your electronic transactions and other business documents reach their destination properly through secure channels, and ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the messages exchanged.

It operates as a centralized synchronous communication management infrastructure, available 24 hours a day and permanently monitored. An infrastructure that guarantees the delivery of your messages safely, establishing traceability records and giving the senders total control of the status of their transactions.

All you need to use it is a network mailbox or account. Connection with any trading is partner guaranteed.

EDICOMNet processes more than 500 million transactions a year, from more than 16,000 trading partners worldwide connected to the network and from other VANs, thanks to multiple interoperability agreements.

A limitless platform with infinite connections

  • Direct link to the world's major retailers and (Harrods, Wal-Mart, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo, Mercadona...).

  • Multi-protocol network, allowing access via web services, https, FTP, x400, OFTP and AS2, etc.

  • This multi-standard network is able to route all types of messages (EDIFACT, X12, XML, FACTURAE, etc.).

  • Significant reduction in transaction costs thanks to the flat rate model among all the partners connected to EDICOMNET.

  • Swift and immediate transmission thanks to grouping and data compression processes.

  • Messages can be prioritized, letting you set up delivery or sending preferences according to transaction type.

  • High availability service, with traceability record of messages and confirmation of delivery and processing.

  • More than 30 interconnections with some of the main VANs worldwide.

Interconnections and gateway services

In our mission to become a global provider of technology services and solutions for B2B communications exchange, we have established interconnection partnerships with the world's leading VANs, thus guaranteeing global interoperability with clients, suppliers and other partners for all EDICOMNet users.

EDICOMNet establishes firm and solid agreements with those networks that guarantee secure data interchange in the terms and conditions described in their Information Security Management System, in line with the ISO27001 standard.

  • Some of the networks with which we have interoperability are: GXS, Sterling Commerce, Nubridges, Intesa, Easy Link, etc.

AS.x Server

EDICOM AS.x SERVER is the solution for interchanging business documents securely via internet, using the https protocol for transmission in different formats such as XML/ Binary, EDI and other MIME-codifiable data used for B2B exchanges.

Communications through this technology allow safe and seamless interchanges through the use of powerful data encryption techniques and digital certificates.

Partners with an EDICOMNet mailbox will have access to the AS.x server infrastructure.

  • Providing almost instant data transfer from source to destination, minimizing error points in transmissions.
  • Greater reliability and speed, increasing supply chain efficiency.
  • Designed to send and receive data securely via Internet, applying encryption techniques to ensure that only the intended receiver can read the message information.
  • Implementing electronic signature processes, it also lets you check the source authentication.
  • Lets you detect if the document has undergone any alterations during transmission.
  • Generating signed receipt acknowledgements, ensuring message reception.

EDI via AS2, AS3, AS4

Public Administration HUB

Setting up connections with the Public Administrations poses a challenge to their suppliers, since they have to adapt their communications to as many protocols as there are (generally by means of Web Services).

With EDICOM solutions, senders no longer have to worry about the particular features of these connections, since we implement a specific “open door” service to all public administrations, whether local, regional, state or even European.

Our Public Administrations hub removes the complexity of point-to-point connections between each administration and its business partners. Senders only have to indicate the receiving administration and our hub makes sure the messages reach them with the syntax and structure required and via the connection protocols specified by each destination.

  • We interact with each administration, opening up communication channels from the platform.
  • We set up as many protocols as administrations to connect with (usually Web Services).
  • Connection to the service assigns the client a unique mailbox in our communication network.
  • We load the client’s EDIWIN application with the administrations they have to interact with, simplifying the sending of any message.

OFTP connections

OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) was originally designed for the interchange of data between partners in the European automobile sector.

At EDICOM, we manage am OFTP Server that allows message exchanges by OFTP versions 1 and 2.

The latest version of the protocol is identified as OFTP2 and provides a greater number of security functionalities for the safe data interchange on IP networks.

Access to EOS can be in service mode, through the EDICOMnet VAN interconnection service.

  • Total availability: Using internet as communication channel ensures total service availability in any part of the world.
  • EDI & CAD interchanges: EOS (Edicom OFTP Server) enables the exchange of structured EDI transactions and technical documents (CAD/CAM/CAE) quickly and securely.
  • Saving: Faster transfer times and internet use allow drastic cost reductions compared with OFTP1 and other protocols.
  • Reliability: Edicom OFTP Server is able to re-establish interactive data transmission processes. Transmissions can take place in push and pull mode.
  • Security: Edicom OFTP Server adds the security features needed for intensive data interchange via internet. To this end, it uses data encryption by asymmetric cryptography.