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EDICOM provides you with the most advanced Electronic Data Interchange platform on the market to implement B2B data integration projects in an international context.

As developers of proprietary electronic data interchange technology since 1995, today we are one of the most experienced companies in the market providing client support from the start-up to the evolution of their communication platforms.

Our EDI solutions are offered in full service mode under a pay-to-use model that employs all the required infrastructure from in-house data centres to simplify the implementation and scalability of your EDI solutions.

Why choose EDICOM's EDI solutions?

EDI developer since 1995


We have been developing proprietary EDI technology since 1995.

Expertise on EDI


Specialists in dedicated electronic data interchange solutions for computer system integration.

Major EDI Provider

A major provider

More than 400 EDI specialists manage projects across 70-plus countries from our central offices in Europe and America.

Global management of international accounts

International Management

We manage our projects in a coordinated fashion from all our offices, giving customers a single response that leverages the synergies provided by working out of different countries.

International Support Center

International support

International support in multiple languages and different time zones, with 24x7 contracting possibility.

multi standard EDI Solution

Multistandard platform

EDIFACT, X12, UBL, TRADACOM… whoever you need to exchange EDI messages with, our solution can handle documents in any EDI standard.

Connectivity with the world’s largest retailers

World's Largest Retailers

Our EDI solution connects with the principal retailers and partners in the world.

EDI Compliance Solution

EDI compliance solution

We cover the validation rules and controls defined by leading retailers and tax authorities across multiple countries when e-invoice processing is required.

24x7 availability guaranteed

24x7 availability

Cloud platform with guaranteed 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week availability with the 99.9% service level agreement that Edicom enters into with all of its customers.

Are you taking your first steps in Electronic Data Interchange?

Do you need to implement a solution and want to learn some basics before choosing one solution over another?

EDI integrates communication technologies and dedicated software so that a company's information systems can exchange critical business, logistical or tax data transparently, using standardised messages and communication protocols, eliminating human intervention.

At EDICOM we know that starting out in these technologies is no simple matter. That’s why we've created a learning center where you can start from zero, learning everything you need about EDI.

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FAQs about electronic data interchange

EDI systems implement computer-to-computer solutions that enable the information management models to exchange data directly with each other. EDI is based on three components: a standard language, and EDI software and a communications network.

Standard Language:
Interchanging electronic information requires a standardized language shared by sender and receiver to structure the messages. There are different standards, such as EDIFACT, X12, XML...

EDI software:
Sender and receiver must have an EDI solution to construct and manage the messages according to the standard in which the interchanges are to take place.

Communications Network:
EDI interchanges call for secure communications systems adapted to the peculiarities of this type of transactions. There are different options available, although the most widespread are VANs or Value Added Networks. These are private communications networks with high levels of security, control and monitoring to ensure the correct sending and reception of the different messages.

EDI Web solutions set up an online environment that allows message issuers to enter the content of their documents manually, using simple individualized forms for each transaction.

Managing communications and issuing EDI documents is done through data editing screens accessible via the website using a simple browser. These are quick start-up, low-cost solutions that allow users to initiate a full EDI communications interchange with their network of business partners, with no need to implement any developments in their management systems.

Although web-based solutions can provide complete environments to exchange any EDI document, the solutions are really designed for businesses with few messages to handle and a low volume of transactions to be exchanged by EDI.

These solutions integrate with your internal management system, automating the processing of your EDI messages for comprehensive and transparent communications management directly from your own ERP.

Manual processing of your messages is no longer necessary, as they are directly viewed and managed from your IT system, with no need to modify the company’s internal processes. This way, you can continue to manage your business, logistical or fiscal transactions as per your usual working procedure.

Achieving automation of communications between internally developed applications is really simple. Usually, a simple software suite is installed in your management system to let you open the connections when the internal system has documents to issue, or whenever the EDI solution delivers them.

These solutions are aimed at businesses with medium to high volumes of EDI transactions both in issuance and receipt, in which manual management such as that in web-based solutions would not be workable.

A Global Location Number (GLN) is a global code identifying a location, i.e., an electronic address. Its mission is to facilitate information exchanges between companies in the supply chain. The aim is to identify a location in a unique and unambiguous way.

A trading partner is a company that exchanges business documents with another company. In an EDI workflow, both sender and receiver are trading partners that exchange EDI documents. For example, retailers and suppliers.

Trading partners can specify requirements and details to the EDI documents which are part of an EDI exchange. EDI compliance means being able to electronically exchange business documents meeting the requirements of your trading partners.

EDI solutions for Retailers

The breadth and depth of the product portfolio managed by the outlets of any retailer, the particular features of perishable products or the geographic dispersion of your stores make optimal supply chain management as found in EDI one of your strongest allies.

EDICOM provides dedicated solutions designed for retailers that bring added value to integrated electronic data interchange solutions.

Supply chain & logistics electronic data interchange

A significant part of your sales comes from the products of your retailers.

You’re likely to have heard people speak of EDI as a system to exchange purchase orders, invoices and despatch advice messages with your customers and probably already have an EDI solution from another provider.

If you’re planning to get started in EDI, need to expand your EDI software capabilities or simply want to change provider, we're sure to have a solution that adapts to your needs.

EDI for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is probably the sector where EDI technologies have gained the firmest foothold.

The diversity of pharma products and supplies has shown up the need to automate communication flows between suppliers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies.

Initiatives like the NHS e-Procurement Strategy also involve adopting PEPPOL standards among national health service Trusts and their product and service supplier ecosystem.

Global EDI solutions

EDI’s ability to integrate the information systems of any issuer and recipient have contributed to its take-up in an international context. It is, after all, a data interchange system which harnesses standards to drive communication between partners no matter their technological and/or language differences.

With live projects in over 70 countries, EDICOM equips its EDI solutions with multistandard and multi-protocol capabilities that guarantee a fluid exchange and direct connectivity with your partners worldwide.

Optimise communications with your trading partners across the world