EDI Customer Portal

Solution for integrating customers without Electronic Data Interchange technologies

Integrate 100% of your customers through EDI

The EDICOM Customer Portal implements a communications channel based on a web portal to exchange business documents originally generated in your ERP or management system.

The solution makes it possible to establish one-way flows to send key transactions like invoices. It also allows for the rollout of a more complex communications model that allows your customers to interact with purchase order issues and other key documents via the portal.

The solution enables the integration of B2B clients without an EDI solution and end customers or consumers in a B2C context for the automatic issue of invoices or any other critical document.

How the EDI Customer Portal works

EDICOM customer-integration solutions establish one-way communication flows (B2C communications) or two-way flows for situations that require interaction by the customer.

One-way EDI Customer Portal

Designed for projects where the portal sponsor needs to send EDI documents like invoices to its customers and does not require an answer from them with other additional related documents.

  • The supplier uses its ERP to identify the non-EDI customers it wants to integrate via the portal.

  • The invoices, or any other document sent from the ERP, are managed by the EDICOM EDI platform.

  • The EDICOM platform recognises the intended recipient of each document and publishes it on the customer portal when the customer is flagged “NON-EDI”.

  • The customer gets an email notifying them of the availability of new documents on the portal.

  • Portal access is transparent for the customer, who enters a secure environment from where they can download and consult all of their documents.

Two-way EDI Customer Portal

Designed for situations that require customer interaction. In this case the portal enables spaces where the customer can use data-entry screens to compile EDI documents intended for the supplier.

  • The supplier will publish an EDI PRICAT message on the portal to identify the product and price catalogue that each customer usually acquires.

  • Each customer has an individualised portal environment for secure log-in each time they want to place a purchase order with their supplier.

  • After entering the portal, the customer has a view of the products they usually buy from the supplier and the trade conditions.

  • They select the units of each item they want to buy, compiling the purchase order in a transparent fashion.

  • The purchase order is then integrated in the supplier's ERP.

  • After processing the purchase order, the supplier issues the invoice in the management system and it is automatically published in the customer portal.

  • The customer is notified that there are invoices available in the portal so they can log in to download them and proceed to their payment.


  • Permits electronic data interchange with all your customers regardless of their technology limitations.

  • Automates the issue of purchase orders or any other transaction sent to your customers and integrates it with your ERP.

  • Enables the establishment of a two-way flow to integrate customer documents in your ERP which would otherwise be received by conventional means and require manual processing.

  • Purchase orders are received the instant they are generated and are integrated in the management system free of processing errors.

  • Invoices are published on the customer portal the instant they are generated in the ERP.

  • The portal offer control tools so you always know what the customer has done with your invoices (received them, read them, downloaded them, etc.).

  • The time savings brought about by automation and integration translate into lower management costs.

Do you also need to integrate suppliers who don't have EDI?

EDICOM has dedicated solutions to integrate suppliers without an EDI solution. This means you can expand the capabilities of your B2B EDI platform to cover 100% of your trading partners, regardless of whether they have an Electronic Data Interchange solution or not.

EDI Portal for Vendors

We analyse your requirements to develop the integration solution for partners without EDI that best suits your needs.