Automate your electronic data interchange with our Integrated EDI Solution

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP to manage business document exchanges with your partners form your inhouse management system

Cloud-based integrated EDI solutions

EDICOM integrated EDI solutions operate in service mode, implementing a technology architecture in a private cloud developed and managed by EDICOM which runs all the management and resource apps needed to ensure the uninterrupted exchange of all your EDI transactions. The solution involves an automatic platform establishing connections with your ERP, CRM and the other management apps you need to engage in electronic data interchange with your partners. All the B2B EDI transactions performed are handled from internal management apps, making EDI document transfers transparent for your organization’s users.

  • Automatic EDI document issue and receipt from the ERP.

  • Planning improvements make it possible to adjust product and raw material stocks to a minimum.

  • Almost total reduction of message transcription errors.

  • Minimum times dedicated to sending, receiving and registering business documents.

  • Immediacy and error elimination make it possible to minimise response times.

  • More precise information management powers better decision-making and operation planning.

  • Direct logging of received transactions in your management system.

  • Ultimately brings down operating costs thanks to the benefits and time reductions.

Direct integration with leading market ERPs

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Customised consulting for your EDI project

EDICOM provides you with a team of specialised consultants who will work with you to analyse the needs of your B2B EDI communications project.

The team we put in charge of your project will implement the customisations required for the solution and size your installation to equip it with the right hardware and communication resources for the volume of documents you exchange.

The implementation process for your EDI solution includes testing and certification to validate integration with your ERP, dedicated training for your EDI user group and offering personalised customer service for troubleshooting.

Multistandard mapping management

EDIFACT, X12, PEPPOL, UBL, ODETTE… Our integrated solutions implement powerful mapping tools that can adapt all the data structures to any EDI standard.

Our integration process enables the generation of a single structure with canonical data that we will adapt to any EDI format. All you have to do is indicate in your ERP who is the message intended for and we will adapt it to the required EDI standard.

The process is similar for received documents. The received standard document is converted into the agreed data structure for automatic integration in your ERP.

24x7 nonstop availability

Your EDI solution will be hosted in our data centre. We will take care of everything needed to ensure uninterrupted solution operation. We guarantee 99.9% availability, warranting 24x7 uninterrupted solution performance.

Our permanent monitoring service includes maintenance tasks to ensure optimal data processing and the application of corrective measures required for troubleshooting in any potential incident. This work includes sizing your installation and expanding or enhancing its capabilities with new technical resources to properly manage the growth in volume of your B2B EDI transactions.

EDI first steps

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