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Our experts in Global EDI

Our colleagues fill you in on implementing a successful international EDI project. However, they are based out of different countries and use different languages (including English), so make sure you enable the English subtitles so you don’t miss a thing.

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Key points in a Global EDI project

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How to choose a Global EDI provider

International EDI Solution

EDICOM has one of the most powerful platforms for rolling out international EDI solutions. The capabilities of our EDI platform guarantee connectivity with any partner thanks to its ability to convert data into multiple EDI document standards and the breadth of its B2B EDI communication services which offer multi-protocol connectivity and hook-ups with the world’s leading private B2B networks.

  1. Multistandard capabilities

    EDIFACT, X12, UBL, PEPPOL, ODETTE... It doesn't matter what standard the EDI documents to exchange with your partners are built in.

    Our solution adapts to your requirements transparently, applying multiformat translation and mapping processes that automate the issue of any EDI document using your ERP data as the baseline and converting the standards in line with the taxonomy your information systems require to integrate received documents.

  2. Multi protocol Capabilities

    AS2, OFTP, X400, SFTP... Tell us who you have to exchange EDI documents with. It doesn't matter who they are or where in the world they are located, we will take care of implementing the communications needed to ensure the correct issue and reception of all your messages. We will also route your traffic with the customers and suppliers connected to our EDICOMNet Value Added Network, either because they have a connection node in our network or are signed up to any of the leading VANs in the world with which EDICOM has an interoperability agreement.

EDI strategies for global organisations

Multinationals need to define an EDI communications model that adapts to their special features. EDICOM offers centralised solutions designed to support global customers via a single platform.

Centralised EDI Solution

A centralised strategy based on the design of a global solution that can adapt to the particularities of each country where you have B2B EDI communications.

  • Implements integration processes with one or multiple ERPs

  • Adapts the data structures of your information system to any EDI standard

  • Implements multiple connectivity solutions to guarantee communications with any trading partner

  • Operates in the cloud with 24x7 availability

  • Allows the configuration of different administration environments adapted to the language and particularities of each country your users are in

  • Implements a customer service process in multiple language and time zones

Decentralised EDI Solution

This strategy entails operating in each territory with a local EDI operator who will cover the particularities of your platform on each market.

  • Involves the rollout of different projects with different partners

  • Entails the participation of multiple partners (one per implemented solution)

  • Partner connectivity depends on the capabilities of each EDI service provider

  • Each solution management environment is diverse and depends on the approach taken by each service provider

  • Increases operating and management costs and is process-efficient

Allow us to explain all we can do for you

If you need a provider with international capabilities like EDICOM, contact us. We will analyse your B2B EDI needs across all your markets and provide you with the solution that best adapts to your requirements.