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Now you can roll out a series of best practices and watch the performance of your communications platform take off! We provide you with a suite of EDI managed services so you can outsource to a specialised EDICOM team all the functions related with the maintenance and administration of your EDI platform. If you want, we can also put all our expertise at your disposal to power the volume of trading partners engaged in your electronic data interchange solution or act as the group administrator of your EDI supplier community.

EDI Supplier Onboarding

An EDI project will be more efficient the greater the volume of transactions managed via the solution. That’s why it’s essential to have the largest possible number of trading partners integrated with the EDI platform. This requires informing a company's partner community about the EDI integration process while carrying out successful customer/supplier interconnectivity.

Our EDI Onboarding service involves commissioning dedicated services to integrate all your partners. These initiatives see the EDICOM team take an active role, assuming a series of initiatives on your behalf aimed at delivering speedy interconnection of your partner community with the EDI communications platform.

Outsourcing EDI

Outsourcing EDI frees you from managing your electronic data interchange platform.

Dedicated EDICOM technical officers are tasked with administering your solution and updating and managing daily routines to relieve you of this work.

The outsourcing service involves providing you with specialists who act as your EDI operators, handling all the platform settings as advanced users. The outsourced technicians resolve any incidents that come up or, if needed, interact permanently with you on aspects requiring your direct participation.


How does supplier onboarding work?

onboarding plan


Project organisation, partner segmentation, phases and action definition.

Technology Status

Technology Status

Obtaining information on partner tech status.

Partners with a Solution

Partners with a Solution

Running connection tests to their platform; supporting partners during the test phase.

àrtners with no solution

Partners without a Solution

Project information, provision of documentation and possibilities of connecting to the platform.

onboarding report


Report on each partner’s evolution through the Onboarding Web Tool collaborative solution.

onboarding go live

Go Live

Production readiness of platform partners following connectivity tests.

Want to expand your EDI project with new messages?

You already have a consolidated supplier community who you're integrated with via EDI but you need to optimise your communications project by incorporating new document flows. If this is your case, you’ll be interested in our EDI Certification Tool.

Integral Partner Management

This service is designed to permanently cover your EDI partner community by dedicating an EDICOM team to supporting your partners as if the team was your EDI group administrator.

EDICOM will assume group administrator tasks on your behalf, establishing dedicated communication channels with your suppliers to provide continuous support and deliver the optimal performance of your communications solution.

Some of the tasks performed by the Integral Partner Manager service include:

  • Reception formats and standards: Publishing or notifying partners of document format specifications and other details of messages to be received.
  • EDI user guides: Maintenance and outreach of EDI guidelines among the partner community.
  • Communications management: Specific attention providing information on the particular features to be applied in communication protocols (networks, point-to-point communications, web services, etc.).
  • Sending and receiving tests: Carrying out validation tests on sending and receiving messages and monitoring outcomes. Notifying partners on test success or failure and measures to adopt for troubleshooting.
  • Errors and incidents: Permanent help for partners to handle errors and incidents in transaction exchanges (poorly configured messages, communication failures, required fields missing, etc.).
  • General information for the partner community: Personalised attention to inform your partners about issues such as order shipping status, new delivery locations opening up, updates for given messages, etc.
  • New message integration: Taking steps to provide information on new documents and performing the tests needed with the partners involved.

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