Outsourcing EDI: We'll manage your integrated EDI solution for you.

Delegate the administration of your B2B EDI platform to our specialist technicians.

EDICOM Outsourcing EDI service

Through the Outsourcing EDI service, you can delegate the administration of your integrated EDI solution to EDICOM’s specialist technicians who will take on the daily management tasks to keep your communications platform up to date.

An EDICOM specialist technician will act as your EDI operator, handling all your platform settings. The technician will settle any alarms that occur, notifying you promptly of incidents that could happen and the measures taken. For cases requiring client participation in the administration and upgrading of solution settings, the technician will contact you to coordinate the different tasks to keep your solution up to date and operative at all times.

What operations does the Outsourcing EDI service include?

Service operation

  • System administration and monitoring.

  • Data availability level control.

  • Troubleshooting.

  • e-Invoicing (certificate management, platform settings, partner testing).

  • Managing connectivity with external value-added networks (gateways).

  • Providing internal and external partners with precise information.

  • Overall installation maintenance.

Partner management

  • Updating the EDI partner booklet.

  • Onboarding e-Invoicing customers (uploading of certificates, address book configuration, communication and format tests, etc.).

  • Platform adaptation.

  • Review of interfaces and specification of changes to be made to foster improvements. (Modification and new interface developments not included).

  • Running message exchange tests through to production readiness of new EDI message exchanges (new partners, new messages).

EDI system monitoring

  • Monitoring currency of connections with your EDI partners.

  • Analysing documents with excessive delay in the transfer process.

  • Analysing potential incidents due to excessive delay in the document receiving process.

  • Confirmation of correct receipt at destination of all sent documents.

  • Confirmation of correct processing of all received documents to ensure integration in the client ERP.

Who is the Outsourcing EDI service targeted at?

Any integrated EDI solution can benefit from our Outsourcing service.

Whether your company manages millions of EDI exchanges or processes just a few hundred, the EDICOM Outsourcing service is sized in line with the data volumes to manage and the complexity of your B2B communications platform.

Contact us for a customised study adapted to your B2B data integration requirements.

EDI Managed Services

Do you want to take an EDI solution to the next level? Together with the Outsourcing service, EDICOM offers its portfolio of managed services to externalise critical functions in your B2B EDI solution management.

These services include a dedicated onboarding supplier methodology for speedy incorporation in your EDI project and the implementation of EDI taskforces to interact on your behalf and offer support to your supplier ecosystem concerning your electronic data interchange project.

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