EDI Vendor Portal

Send electronic documents to 100% of your partners, even those without an electronic data interchange solution

Integrate 100% of your suppliers through EDI

The EDICOM Vendor Portal is a web solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers and receive invoices electronically.

The solution is designed to integrate enterprises without an EDI solution who exchange a small number of purchase orders and invoices with you, forcing you to manage these transactions manually with a certain number of suppliers.

How the EDI Vendor Portal works

All of the purchase orders generated in your management system are processed by the EDICOM platform. The solution recognises the ones addressed to suppliers without EDI and automatically proceeds to publish them in the portal, notifying the supplier of the availability of new orders.

After receiving the notice concerning new order availability, the supplier logs into the portal to consult, download and print out the purchase orders. Portal access and order management generate notifications received by the customer to enable permanent control of their order processing status.

Once the order has been processed, the supplier logs into the portal again and uses data-entry screens to issue the invoice compiled from the purchase order. This record considers the information on the original order, simplifying issuance and facilitating subsequent clearing with the order. After recording the invoice data, the EDICOM platform converts the content into data structures native to the customer’s management system for automatic integration in the accounts payable application.


  • Allows for electronic data interchange with all your suppliers regardless of their technology limitations.

  • Automates the issue and reception flows of 100% of your transactions with suppliers.

  • Expands the capabilities of your B2B EDI solution to suppliers who due either to their size or volume have not implemented EDI.

  • Purchase orders are sent the instant they are generated, cutting supplier response times.

  • The solution provides tools so you always know whether a purchase order has been received or checked by the supplier.

  • It can integrate flows adapted to your needs, such as confirmation of the reception of orders, despatch advice messages or invoices.

  • The time savings brought about by automation and integration translate into lower management costs.

Do you also need to integrate customers who don't have EDI?

In addition to the EDI Vendor Portal, we have dedicated solutions to integrate your customer community without an Electronic Data Interchange solution, simplifying the exchange of EDI documents with customers lacking specific technology to send purchase orders and receive invoices.

EDI Portal for Customers

We analyse your requirements to develop the integration solution for non-EDI partners that best meets your needs.