We put the best electronic catalogue compatible with GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) at your fingertips.

Global solution for product data synchronization on the Cloud

EDICOMData is the name of our electronic catalogue for synchronizing product data between suppliers and distributors.

It operates like a Data Pool and simplifies synchronizing a product range between companies participating in the supply chain. It is a transparent solution that focuses specific B2B functionalities in one environment via the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), or through private data synchronization networks.

GDSN - Data Sync proposal by GS1 International

The GS1 proposal functions on the basis of exchanging and synchronizing structured information in XML format between electronic data catalogues that serve as information repositories.


GPC (Global Product Classification)

Worldwide product classification that brings the information on products together uniformly under the same criteria.

Data Pool

Electronic data catalogue (Data Pool)

Repositories of structured information on products, connected to the data synchronization networks to be able to share information with any trading partner.

Global Registry GDSN

Global Registry GS1

Worldwide record of all references of products published in the GDSN network through the different approved Data Pools.

Who publishes information?

Product suppliers and manufacturers publish the information on the commercial references automatically in the electronic data catalogues shared in real-time with their trading partners.

  • UPLOAD: Publisher users, through a data entry process, upload their product data and company information to the Data Pool.

  • REGISTRY: The Data Pool publishes Basic information on each product in the Global Data Registry, where it is kept stored and available for subsequent subscription by the subscriber users.

  • AUTHORIZATION: During the registration process carried out by the publisher, they must define a list of the distributors who will be able to ask for information on their products via the GDSN network. In effect, this means drawing up a list of authorized subscribers. After this action, both product data platforms are synchronized to share their data in real-time.

Who subscribes to the information?

Subscriber users are product Distributors who take advantage of the data synchronization technology to access homogeneous and updated information in real time on the products from their suppliers.

  • The subscriber user, through a specific data form, subscribes to receive information on the products of one or several publisher users. At this point, EDICOMData offers multiple segmentation possibilities, as the application allows you to filter the subscription according to different parameters (publisher, sector, product family, geographic region...etc.). The subscription request is sent to the GDSN network to be processed and the subscriber data and their subscription requests are forwarded to the publishers selected.

  • After the subscription request, the publisher user receives the user data and can issue a message confirming receipt of the information and, therefore, the synchronization of both data pools. This is an optional message type that publisher users can implement to certify that the whole process has been carried out correctly. However, it is not indispensable, since the synchronization of both platforms takes place as soon as the subscription request is submitted.

Integrated Data Sync

EDICOMData means you can automatically synchronize your item master with suppliers or clients, using powerful integration tools that let you manage publication and subscription processes from the ERP, PIM or any internal information system that you use to administer and manage your product information.

Therefore, each time a key attribute of an item is updated, EDICOMData is automatically informed. It runs the synchronization processes in the corresponding publication and subscription environments, and communicates with the other Data Pool GDSNs to request or provide, as applicable, the production information being synchronized. 

EDICOMData Integrated Data Sync Solution

Product Data Upload

If your client product synchronization project involves publishing information about a reduced number of products, you can choose non-integrated solutions for uploading data.

Uploading or publishing product information can be done directly using the data entry screens in Data Pool EDICOMData. If you prefer, you can manage item information in structured files such as MS Excel, and import them from the EDICOMData interface created for this purpose.


Affected by NHS e-Procurement Strategy?

EDICOMData complies with the specifications defined by the NHS in its e-Procurement Strategy.

If you are a National Health Service supplier, you need to have an authorised Data Pool like EDICOM to synchronize your data bases with those of the hospitals in the system.

Compliance Data Pool With NHS e-Procurement Strategy