Integrated Product Data Sync

Automatic synchronisation of product data files between customers and suppliers

EDICOMData, GDSN catalogue integrated with your management system

The integration options of the EDICOMData Data Pool automatically publish product data on the GDSN network, simplifying the routine of updating logistical information about items for suppliers and manufacturers. These integration processes also lead to significant management advantages for distributors who, as subscribers to the published information, can automatically synchronize their product data bases each time any attribute is updated by their suppliers.

Advantages for the Publisher.

Suppliers, as publishers of product information, manage information about their items from their internal management system with the guarantee that any update they make will immediately be published in their catalogue and distributed to their community of subscriber clients

  • Updating data in real time

  • Information shared accurately

  • Administrative cost savings

  • Diffusion of product information updates to any client connected to the GDSN network.

  • Assists the availability of accurate information available at the point of sale.

Advantages for the Subscriber.

Subscribers have integration systems that constantly update their product master each time the publishers modify any attribute of their items.

  • Automatic updating of product master.

  • Cost and administrative savings.

  • Availability of accurate information about each product.

  • Improves logistical and storage planning by having precise data about products' attributes.

  • Simplifies the creation of more effective promotions at the point of sale.

Publishing products via EDICOMData GDSN

  • EDICOM and the supplier define an interface for extracting data from its management systems.
  • The products that will be published in EDICOMData with their attributes are listed on the data interface in the agreed format (txt, csv, idoc, etc.).
  • The EDICOM platform translates these data to the standard defined by the GDSN network and publishes them in the EDICOMData Data Pool.
  • EDICOMData communicates with the Global Registry of GS1 International, indexing the new product if a new item is being published in the catalogue, or reporting an update if a modification is being made to a product attribute.

Subscription via EDICOMData

  • The distributor indicates the products it wishes to subscribe to. It may select specific items, product ranges or groupings by region.
  • The subscription request is sent to the Global Registry of GS1 International, which identifies the Data Pool where the information about each product is located and sends the request to the publishers that own each product.
  • The publisher accepts the subscription request, and at this point the synchronization process of the authorized products begins.
  • Each time a product is updated, the subscriber receives the updated information.
  • Using the relevant integration processes, this data can be integrated into the distributor's management system or its PIM (Product Item Manager).

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