Full synchronisation of product images and other multimedia files

Publish photographs or any other multimedia file in EDICOMData to distribute them among your clients

Use EDICOMData to publish any multimedia file (photographs, videos, audio files or manuals) to that it can be instantly distributed to any client connected to the GDSN network. Publish your product images once and distribute them to your entire client community. Update your product image portfolio and automatically distribute the new images to everyone without having to communicate individually with each of your business partners.

Product Media Storage

Media Files Archiving

Multimedia resources of your products are suitably stored in EDICOMData, freeing both the publisher or supplier and client or subscriber from processing and safekeeping tasks.

Product Media files availability


The files are in a highly available environment and are accessible for downloading or direct use by sharing an URL with multiple parameters, even for clients without a product data synchronisation solution.

Product Media Synchronisation


EDICOMData automates synchronisation processes of all multimedia files, distributing updates or uploading new content among everyone in your subscriber community.

How does it work?

The EDICOMData interface for publishing logistical product attributes offers specific index and uploading systems for multimedia objects. Standard communication and information synchronisation processes for logistical data are also used for multimedia content, informing your subscriber community about the existence of new multimedia content or any updates to existing content. 

  1. The publisher provides the resources and product data and updates them as frequently as required.
  2. The solutions can be used for B2B indexing (measurements, weight, logistical information, legal information, etc.) and for multimedia objects designed to be used by the end consumer.
  3. The information is processed in such a way that web format presentations can be created; these can be used by the distributor to provide information from online stores on the internet and mobile devices.
  4. The subscriber can download data structures that include multimedia resources for their subsequent use.

Free access to your photographs for all your clients

Use EDICOMData to centralise your product image archive in one place and make it a multimedia resource hub for all your clients. 

If your project requires it, all your product images can be made available to all your partners, whether or not they subscribe to an electronic catalogue like EDICOMData.

Your clients can access photographs published according to GS1 standards via a web portal. Once the images are located, they can choose the required resolution and download these images for immediate use in several formats depending on their needs, such as POS, flyers or in-store promotions.

Publish your images in EDICOMData and instantly share them with all your clients.

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