Managed Services for Product Data Synchronisation Systems

We manage your EDICOMData synchronisation platform for you

We ensure that your product information is complete and useful to all your clients

The success of a data synchronisation system is based on the quality of the information that is shared between business partners. To ensure this quality, we offer a comprehensive service that outsources the publication and maintenance of your product data.

Do you market food products within the European Union? We validate the adaptation of information recorded about your products to European Regulation 1169/2011 on publishing nutritional information.

Quality Control of Data

We validate the data published in your catalogue before it is made visible on the network, reporting any inconsistencies or situations when the minimum data required is not available, to guarantee quality information.

  • Complete product files with the key data defined by the client and distributor.

  • Precise, consistent information with key product data (measurements, weight, units, etc.).

  • Validity of data monitored to guarantee up-to-date product data over time.

Quality Control of Photographs

We ensure that all product images that are published meet agreed standards to make your photography archive as effective as possible, with the result that multimedia files in your archive can be instantly distributed.

  • Validation of minimum image sets of product planograms.

  • Verification that existing marketing images adapt to GS1 criteria.

  • Resolution modification for use of your images in e-commerce portals.

Data Quality Control Service

We offer EDICOMData publishers a managed service for recording and validating all their product data. This service guarantees the standardization and quality of the information published in their electronic catalogue.

  • Data entry service: The publisher can outsource all tasks related to uploading and publishing its electronic product catalogue. This service is provided from our Quality Data Center, where our specialists process data in accordance with the quality standard homogenized and regulated by GS1 for GDSN projects, or in agreement with the private electronic catalogue project specifications.
  • Information validation service: The service establishes various automatic validation mechanisms that are uploaded into the file of each product. This system takes into account key fields, as determined by the main distributors, and the GS1 Data Quality Framework. At the same time, we manually check information related to any sensitive data that require specialised verification to detect any possible inconsistencies in the published information. 

Photo Quality Control Service

Photographs published on EDICOMData must meet GS1's "Product Image Specification", including a minimum set of marketing images and product planograms. 

EDICOMData can be used as a general product image archive, concentrating all your images in one place for their distribution to every client, whether or not they are connected to our Data Pool. At EDICOM, we ensure that your image quality means your multimedia file archive can be of the greatest use possible to your community of business partners. 

  • Data Logging: Our Data Management specialists verify that your images are generated correctly and link multimedia files to other key product data.
  • Data Review: Staff at the Data Quality Center are in contact with the client to complete all key product data and to solve any incidents that may arise.
  • Validation and Publication: The product file is created. A final validation is run and it is published on EDICOMData, thereby becoming available to distributors and other information subscribers.

EDICOMData Multimedia File Synchronisation Service