Smart tools for uploading product data information on GDSN

Publishing product data on the GDSN network using Web Forms and Excel files

EDICOMData implements specific tools to manually upload information about your products on the GDSN network using specific web forms or via functionalities created to import files structured in formats such as Excel, for immediate publication of product attributes on the Global Data Synchronization Network.

Uploading Excel Files on EDICOMData

If you need to publish the attributes of a significant number of products and have information systems that let you extract data in structured files, you can use the specific functionalities of EDICOMData to import files such as Excel.

All you need to do is generate a file type with a specific structure and directly upload it onto our Data Pool to publish new products on the GDSN, or update information about already existing items.


Web Forms for a Smart Publishing Product Data on GDSN

EDICOMData implements specific web forms for publishing logistical information about your products. The validation rules integrated into the data entry screens guarantee error-free uploading of all your product information so it can be accurately processed by any subscriber connected to the GDSN network. 

If you need to publish a small number of products on the Global Data Synchronization Network, this solution may be useful for immediately setting up your product data synchronization project at minimum expense. 

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Compliance Data Pool

EDICOMData is an electronic catalogue that meets the specifications of different projects and product data synchronization networks.

nhs e-procurement strategy

NHS Integration

The NHS e-Procurement Strategy Project for digitising public contracts in the British health service requires the use of an authorized GDSN such as EDICOMData for synchronizing the product data bases at each hospital with its community of suppliers. 

gdsn by gs1 international

GDSN Network

EDICOMData is a catalogue authorized by GS1 International for use on the Global Data Synchronization Network, and is a valid Data Pool for implementing any data synchronization project with publishers anywhere in the world connected to the GDSN. 

private data synchronization projects

Private Data Sync

EDICOMData implements the validation rules and controls defined by the biggest international subscribers, meaning that customised product information synchronization projects can be set up that adapt to the specific nature of the publishing and subscribing companies.