Customised EDI solutions

Total integration of your communications with clients, suppliers and any partner involved in your production, commercial or financial processes

Full integration and connectivity via our EDI cloud platform

Business transactions processed from the EDICOM B2B cloud platform make it easier to send and receive all types of electronic documents securely, swiftly and smoothly through total integration in your internal communications with customers, suppliers and any partner involved in your production, commercial or financial processes, etc.

All this regardless of your activity, since an international team of sector specialists is there to advise you at all times on particular issues affecting your markets in areas such as message standards, communication protocols, typical sector flow rates for business transaction interchanges, etc.

Over 17,000 customers place their trust in EDICOM solutions every day


EDI cloud solutions adapted to the industry's needs

Retail EDI

This sector manages multiple business transactions such as orders, despatch advice messages and electronic invoices and integrates customers, providers, logistics operators and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

Healthcare EDI

Implementing global standards and synchronising product data is key to ensuring that information is transferred updated and instantly, benefiting all those involved in the supply chain.

Logistics EDI

The standardisation of processes and control measures afforded by EDI ensures secure communication flows in the logistics industry between private companies as well as public entities.

Automotive EDI

Meet our global EDI platform, able to send and receive multistandard messages using OFTP2, AS2 protocols, etc., and providing seamless connectivity with any automotive partner.

We guarantee the success of your electronic projects providing EDI solutions adapted to different sectors like healthcare, retail, logistics or automotive, based on companies’ real needs.

Other tailored solutions adapted to your industry

  1. Manufacturers

    Business relations with any manufacturer or vendor are impacted by conditioning factors such as growing divergence among clients, the supply of products or ongoing adaptation to the particular features of each market.

    Work with any retailer from a single communications platform.

    Automate order integration in my ERP or management system.

    Improve my resource planning, cutting down on stocks of finished products and raw materials.

    Issue my electronic invoices regardless of country of origin or destination.

  2. Tourism

    The rise of internet and new technologies emerging around the World Wide Web has brought about a revolution, universalising access to the services provided through channels ranging from conventional travel agents to portals or web services and making this huge supply available to any customer.

    Extend my supply to different electronic publication channels: GDSN, web portals, etc.

    Integrate invoices from my suppliers in my management system.

    Issue all my invoices electronically, even sending them over internet to the end users of my products and services.

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