Transparency and efficiency for full EDI integration in the automotive sector

Meet our global EDI platform, able to send and receive multistandard messages using OFTP2, AS2 protocols, etc.

Secure EDI communication and seamless connectivity with any automotive partner

The automotive sector is one of the industries with more experience in the field of electronic data interchange. The rise of working models such as JIT (Just in Time) calls for systems that enable speedy integration of all actors involved in the supply chain, from the largest and most experienced TIER I suppliers to a growing number of companies located in emerging countries with quite different tech capabilities.

EDICOM makes a global EDI platform available to any automotive sector company, able to send and receive messages with any partner worldwide.

The industry MO creates the following needs

  • Exchange of large volumes of critical information such as orders and plans, goods shipping and acceptance notifications, engineering specifications through CAD/CAM files, invoices and more.

  • Multiple communication protocols to connect with different sector players.

  • Secure document transmission either through our Value-Added Network or safe communication protocols.

  • Simplification in invoicing and VAT administrative processes and knowledge of the regulations of each country where the business operates.

OFTP2 connections over the EDICOM OFTP server

OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) was originally designed to exchange data between partners in the European automobile industry.

The OFTP2 protocol is an evolution of OFTP1. Version 2 was designed principally to protect data exchanged over the internet, where the security of the data is guaranteed with the use of security certificates. This change in the protocol is justified by the benefits that OFTP2 brings for companies that need to exchange confidential commercial information and large files like the CAD files used in the automotive industry.

The OFTP message sending and receiving service through EOS (EDICOM OFTP Server) allows message exchanges by OFTP versions 1 and 2. Access to EOS is done in service mode, through the EDICOMnet VAN interconnection service.


Benefits of using EDICOM’s OFTP Server

Using internet as communication channel ensures total service availability in any part of the world.

EOS (Edicom OFTP Server) enables the exchange of structured EDI transactions and technical documents (CAD/CAM/CAE) quickly and securely.

Faster transfer times and internet use allow drastic cost reductions compared with OFTP1 and other protocols.

EDICOM OFTP Server is able to re-establish interactive data transmission processes. Transmissions can take place in push and pull mode.

EDICOM OFTP Server adds the security features needed for intensive data interchange via internet. To this end, it uses data encryption by asymmetric cryptography.

Global solutions with all your partners from a single platform

  1. Global e-Invoicing and VAT compliance

    EDICOM has developed a comprehensive solution designed especially for multinationals.

    It is a B2B2G electronic communications platform with EDI, compliant e-Invoicing and VAT compliance at the global level. The platform simplifies communication processes with tax authorities globally.

    EDICOM has the required accreditations in each country to align with the laws in force for each tax administration.

  2. Global VDA messages

    VDA messages are the EDI messages used in the automotive sector which meet the specific needs of companies in the automobile industry.

    Older versions of VDA messages are now being replaced by new global VDA versions that follow the EDIFACT schema. Our solutions are ready to adopt these new schemas.

    Through new data mapping, we can quickly transform documents to the required schema using information from the ERP.

  3. Partner Certification and Testing Portal

    The Testing Portal streamlines and simplifies the incorporation of EDI flows and new messages, as the partners themselves have the information needed to run tests on the portal.

    The OEM or TIER I operator, depending on the case, provides a supplier with the Test and Certification Portal for the incorporation of the new VDA message, or to include a new partner. In both cases, the trading partners carry out the necessary tests, guided and monitored by the Portal promoter and by EDICOM, until they are ready to connect with the company and enter the production phase.

  4. iPaaS

    EDICOMiPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is the integration platform in service mode developed by EDICOM, ready to implement any project requiring interconnection between operating solutions, whether legacy, cloud or on-premise.

    EDICOMiPaaS makes it possible to interconnect all of a company’s applications through powerful tools available in the cloud. A team of specialised consultants and support managers are tasked with the production launch and monitoring of all the integrations required to consolidate or synchronise your internal applications.

What is key to supply chain management success?

In such a complex setting, it is crucial to have efficient systems to automate the processes of communicating and declaring goods movements.

Automate communications with all your business partners and customers with flexible and scalable services

What do you want to achieve?

  • Integration of my workflow with all my customers, whether manufacturers or tier-one suppliers.

  • Guarantee delivery and receipt of all my electronic business documents.

  • To issue and receive all documents in EDI format, even to partners with no EDI solution.

  • B2B frameworks up and running 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

This is how our solutions help you

  • Global connectivity through multi-standard mapping (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, Odette, UBL, etc.), multiprotocol solutions (web services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.) and interoperability agreements with world leading VANs.

  • Integration with the major ERPs on the market, enabling data translation in the ERP’s proprietary language and developing integration processes automatically, safely and efficiently.

  • Development of a B2B communications platform ready to integrate with EDI partners and non-EDI partners, through an online portal where suppliers can receive, send, check or download electronic documents.

  • Outsourcing B2B communications platform to a consolidated supplier able to process large batches of transactions worldwide.

Automate message flows to optimise the supply chain

Used for both closed and open orders, pending planning. It is a structured message sent from the manufacturers (OEM) to the tier-one suppliers and from them to their tier-two counterparts.

This message, sent by a manufacturer who places an order, provides the supplier with accurate information about the delivery sequence and Just in Time requirements that complement the DELFOR message. It provides details about OEM requirements regarding shipment planning in short time periods, usually 24 hours.

The EDI despatch advice message verifies that the merchandise received by the customer matches the purchase order. It shows the content of the package and some additional information about the shipment such as order details, product description, product characteristics, packaging type, brands, operator information and goods configuration within the transport equipment.

This document closes the purchase process, generating the sales invoice every time the product has been correctly delivered to its destination.

Specialized tech providers guarantee partner integration over an EDI platform, legal compliance with electronic VAT solutions and invoicing service in the global environment.