Supply chain management from a single EDI platform is possible

Streamlined and cost-effective supply chain automation for full logistics communications synchronisation

Our global B2B EDI platform provides end-to-end transaction integration and 360° supply chain visibility

Globalised communications call for synchronised and instant information sharing between trading partners. Companies must be able to adapt to different systems and platforms to be able to operate in any corner of the planet.

Standardisation of processes and control measures offered by EDI systems ensure secure communication flow in the logistics industry between private businesses as well as public and private entities.

Our Electronic Data Interchange platform provides end-to-end transaction integration and 360° supply chain visibility for full alignment of partner communications and business performance improvement.

Automate communications with all your business partners and customers

Data management and analysis are key to tracking each stage involved in the sales process, particularly across the supply chain, from order reception to final delivery to the customer.

The complex variety of commercial operations makes document management difficult between countries, however Electronic Data Interchange facilitates all kinds of procedures by standardizing the exchange of B2B processes.

Simple operations such as stock management, shipping to suppliers, invoice payments or order processing suddenly became easier tasks thanks to EDI.

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Gain QR (Quick Response) and ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) thanks to a global EDI platform that adapts to multiple scenarios

What do you want to achieve?

  • Integrate permanent communications with suppliers, logistics operators and customers.

  • Centralise your electronic communications from a single solution.

  • Cut overheads and running costs to maintain your IT infrastructure.

  • Guarantee despatch and receipt of any e-message with a single connection point.

This is how our solutions help you

  • Automate dealings with all your trading partners through integrated platforms and e-commerce web solutions.

  • Global connectivity through multi-standard mapping (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, Odette, UBL…), multiprotocol solutions (Web Services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.) and interoperability agreements with the world’s leading VANs.

  • Infrastructure outsourcing, delegating management of the communications platform with ongoing 24x7 monitoring.

  • Guaranteed traceability and real-time stock monitoring for issued and received documents between supplier, customer and logistic operator.

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What is key to supply chain management success?

In such a complex setting, it is crucial to have efficient systems to automate the processes of communicating and declaring goods movements.

Automate communications with all your business partners and customers with flexible and scalable services